10 Classy Star Wars Wedding Ideas

The Star Wars fanaticism has descended upon us all again, with the airing of Rogue One. It's a well-loved wedding theme for die-hard fans of the Empire.

Let's be frank and pragmatic: having a Star Wars themed wedding can be kind of tricky. You want it to be epic and fun, but you also run the risk of it coming across as a kid's party.

Draw inspiration from these 10 classy ideas to plan your galactic wedding. May the force be with you.

1. Light Saber Archway

Star Wars Light Saber Archway _
Credits: The Wedding Scoop_

2. Vader & Jedi Gatecrash

Star Wars Vader and Jedi Gatecrash _
Source: Her World Plus | Photography: Noel Yeo, Nudge Photography_

3. pre-wedding shoot (with a Force-choke!)

Star Wars Pre Wedding Shoot _
Source: The New Paper | Photography: Noel Yeo, Nudge Photography_

4. Galaxy Cake & Cupcakes for Guo Da Li

Star Wars Galaxy Cake and Cupcakes Singapore _
Credits: Goobycakes_

Credits: Goobycakes_

5. Characteristic Wedding Chair Signages

Star Wars Wedding Chair Signages _
Credits: The Wedding Scoop_

6. princess leia inspired flowergirl hairstyles

Star Wars Princess Leia Flower Girls _
Source: Huffington Post | Photography: Cacá Santoro Photography_

7. Characteristic Table Name Cards

Star Wars Table Name Cards _
Source: Huffington Post | Photography: Cacá Santoro Photography_

8. epic aisle runner

Star Wars Aisle Runner
Source: Bridal Guide | Item: I Do Aisle Runners

9. stormtrooper cufflinks

Star Wars Stormtroopers Cufflinks _
Source: Bridal Guide | Photography: Pure 7 Studios | Credits: Lover.ly_

10. Wedding Card Illustration (With Darth Vader subtlety!)

Star Wars Wedding Card Illustration Singapore _
Credits: Miraculove_

We hope you've enjoyed our article 10 Classy Star Wars Wedding Ideas To Chews From and found the ideas useful in expressing your love for the franchise!

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