5 Greenery Inspired Bridal Hand Bouquets We Love

Greenery (PANTONE 15-0343) is highly inspired by nature and really a refreshing and revitalizing shade that's welcoming on the eye.

See how Singapore's talented florists leverage this zesty yellow-green shade brilliantly in bridal hand bouquets that seemingly evokes the first days of spring and conveys the feelings of revival, restoration and renewal.

Here are our top 5 picks:

1. Fleuriste

Florals: Fleuriste Instagram | Photography: Own Reverie | Bride and Lifestyle/Beauty Blogger: Sherlene Lian

Lots of foliage like succulents, eucalyptus leaves mixed with delicate florals that lend soft, feminine colours to the hand bouquet. We're blown away by the juxtapose.

2. Floral Magic

Florals: Floral Magic

The all-time white and green classic combination has our hearts fluttering.

We love how elegant the bouquet looks, especially with the tasteful addition that are the orchids.

3. Bloom Room

Florals: Bloom Room

Variety is the spice of life!

We must say we simply adore the lush variety of green shades in this bouquet.

4. Flowers & Jars

Florals: Flowers and Jars

Fiona's choice of coloured fillers adds a touch of femininity to the green and white palette.

So much pretty to behold!

5. Florals By Benita

Florals: Benita | Photography: Caline Eng | Gown: Jules Elie

Earthy accents accentuated with the warm browns and yellows integrated in this wholesome bouquet.

Loving how unconventionally beautiful this bouquet by Benita looks.

We hope you enjoyed the visual treat of this article 5 Greenery Inspired Bridal Hand Bouquets We Love By Talented Singapore Florists.

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