5 Meaningful Ways To Spend Valentines Day in Singapore

Everyday should feel like Valentine’s Day, as long as you're with your loved one.

That said, it's nice to do something a little out of the blue, a tad more special, on the much celebrated Valentine's Day. It's even nicer when the activity doesn't require breaking the bank.

We've put together a list of 5 meaningful, pocket-friendly activities that both of you can enjoy and make fond couply memories.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

1. Write a note to complete strangers

Since it's Valentine's Day, why not show love to others who are in need of it?

This is a small task with huge impact. You and your other half would rejoice in making a difference in someone's life through this act of care.

When you pen this letter to encourage a stranger in need of healing, you get to reflect on happy moments that made you stronger, and psychologically benefit from this activity as well.

Send your completed letter to The World Needs More Love Letters. This organisation curates letters received internationally and dispatches them to nominated individuals in need of emotional support.

Nothing beats doing a good deed on a special day!

2. create a gift of music

Put together a chart of new, uplifting songs for your other half on Spotify to listen to during his or her busy workweek.

Through this little activity, find out more about the likes and dislikes of your other half, specifically genre(s) that is music to your partner's ear.

Won't it feel intimate to be plugged in to songs that your other half has specially chosen for you during your daily commute to work?

Update the list regularly to show your partner that you care.

3. Embark on a challenge together

Making a pact to go technology-free on Valentine's Day would be an interesting challenge to start with.

Spend the day understanding how it is like disconnecting to connect. Don’t let pesty calls or texts invade your private day out so that both of you would be fully engrossed in every moment together.

To spice things up, put penalties in place to give each other more incentive to follow the rule.

4. Pen a time capsule letter to each other

A time capsule provides an intriguing way to remember the past and preserve a memory in time.

Decide the purpose of the time capsule letter; is it to remind each other of how your early dating days once were? Would it be to set relationship goals and check if you've achieved them in the future?

This is a self-reflective and meaningful activity that would have the two of you look forward to the years to come.

5. become babysitters

Volunteer to babysit your friends' kids and relieve them of back-breaking parenting duty for a day.

Trust us, your friends would be tearfully grateful to you for giving them a well-deserved break and the rare opportunity to indulge in some twosome time.

This would also be the perfect chance for you and your other half to hone your child-rearing skills, assuming you're not already parents yourselves!

What do you think of our list of 5 Meaningful Ways To Spend Valentines Day in Singapore? We hope you find our recommendations unconventional and useful!

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