5 Memorable Singapore Wedding March Ins

The wedding march is one of the highlights of a wedding, as it is symbolic of the couple starting a new journey side by side, hand in hand.

It is also a moment to make your introductions to all wedding guests (especially the distant ones) as a newly minted Mr and Mrs.

For a moment like this cues song, be sure to plan a march in that is unforgettable, reflects your relationship and personalities and above all fun so guests won't forget your union in a hurry!

Here are the 5 unique, not-so-traditional wedding march ins we love in Singapore. Hope this gives you ideas on how to dramatise your own wedding march in!

1. Marathon Marriage

Source & Gown: Ted Wu Bridal | Photography: Fun Douglas | Makeup & Hair: Jasmine Tiong

Literally showing that a marital union is the race of a lifetime.

We love that guests near the aisle are given clappers to cheer the couple on as they approach the finish line, their destination in love.

2. Fancy ride

Source & Photography: Anton Chia

It's so adorable to see the groom suavely riding into the wedding ballroom, with his gorgeous bride effortlessly perched on the seat of his ride.

An ingenious way to ensure all the limelight is on you!

3. Superhero

Source: The Wedding Scoop | Decor & Flowers: Spellbound Weddings | Gown: Jessicacindy

"I have to protect the one thing I can't live without - that's you."
- Tony Stark

Just swooning over the significance of the masquerade.

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4. May The Force Be With You

Source: Her World Plus

Definitely an otherworldly wedding!

5. Confetti All Around

Source & Photography: Antelope Studios

Nothing says celebration like confetti. Lots of them.

A wondrous way to include family and friends (kids especially) in the wedding march in, and create a picturesque scene that'll go down memory lane.

We hope you're hugely inspired by the brilliant ideas in this article 5 Memorable Singapore Wedding March Ins We Love.

If you know of other wedding march ins that are just as wow, write in to us to enrich this list at hello@miraculove.com!

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