5 Must Take Wedding Photos with your Bridesmaids

As much as it is a day for you and your Mister, your sisters are the one who made your special day possible.

Make a lifetime of memories with your dearest and closest girlfriends on your wedding day with these 5 poignant photo ideas:

1. The girls who have your back

Source: Antelope Studios' Instagram_ How cute to see your bridesmaids forming a beeline to lift your train. No better (and more literal) way to show them having your back on this important day.

2. The Tears & Joy

Source: Lightedpixels Photography's Instagram_ On your wedding day when emotions run high, tears run freely and laughter gets high-pitched, don't mask your feelings or fret about looking ugly in front of the lens. It's these little candid moments that would have you reminisce the wedding day fondly (or have you scratching your head wondering what was so funny) years later.

3. What happens during the flower toss

Source: Multifolds' Instagram_

Was there a tussle for the bouquet?

This is the perfect shot to show your bridesmaids' (and any gatecrashers') spontaneity.

4. The Group Squeeze

Source: Androidsinboots' Instagram_ A tight group hug would naturally bring out the broad sunny smiles. Immortalise the shot of your girlfriends' happiness seeing you married off to the man of your dreams.

5. Together As One

Source: Smittenpixels Photography's Instagram_

Capture a quiet moment in solidarity, one that shows the true steel of the girlsquad.

This photo would exude a different type of beauty.

If you like this article 5 Must Take Wedding Photos With Your Gorgeous Bridesmaids, discuss them with your wedding photographer prior to your wedding day to ensure these poignant BFF moments are captured amid the hectic proceedings of your big day.

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