5 New Year Relationship Resolutions For Newlyweds

Like clockwork, you probably make timely New Year's Resolutions every year for yourself. But now that you're officially twosome, it's time to include your other half in your resolution-writing.

In no way is this implying that your relationship is flawed! Making resolutions as a couple strengthens bonds and enable you to learn more about each other, grow in tandem and take pride in achieving #couplegoals together.

Here are 5 relationship resolutions you could start with to celebrate the start of 2017.

1. set aside quality bonding time weekly

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Adulting (your full time job, after work socialising, domestic household work) can often get in the way of connecting deeply and emotionally with your partner.

Set aside a specific day and time of the week to spend undistracted, quality time with your significant other. Go beyond catching up on what happened throughout the week, but make the effort to discuss feelings, ask questions and engage in deeper conversations to understand your partner more intimately.

For quality time that's less mundane, make it a date night with a private meal for two, with drinks (if that helps you loosen up and talk more.)

2. achieve a fitness goal together

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When you're both healthy, you can see the world more together, embark on challenges without hesitation, and live fuller lives. Many aspects of your relationship stand to benefit.

Start with opting for the same gym membership, going for the same type of exercise together (think yoga or tennis) to help each other build up physical stamina and endurance.

For the sports-resistant, start with lighter activities like hiking every Sunday or even walking your dog.

When you're ready, set yourself a fitness challenge that pushes your boundaries. We have had a friend who decided to do something epic and life-changing -- participate in Finland's iconic Wife Carrying World Championships with his partner. The result? Unsurprisingly, they didn't win, but they took home a once-in-a-lifetime experience of memories and tales to tell their grandchildren.

3. go on an adventure

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A new year presents the opportunity to try something entirely novel and different. Sharing that excitement with your other half would be an incredible way to keep creating milestones in your relationship.

The adventure could be a simple, literary one like author a book together. It could be more thrilling like backpacking across countries you'd never been.

Take in new sights, smells and sounds. Through these adventures, discover what excites you and makes you look forward to the next adventure together.

4. support your partner's passion and work

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Your other half would be investing a great deal of time, resources and energy into his profession and interests. Make yourself a part of it by showing you care and want to enable or empower him in your own little ways.

Go beyond "how's work today?" and talk about deeper stuff. It doesn't have to be crafting strategies together like the Underwood couple in House of Cards, but simply showing interest in the matters your partner felt proud about or frustrated by in their course of work.

Understanding what keeps your partner up at night makes you appreciate all he's doing to build a future for the two of you. Let him know that you will always have his back in good and bad times to spur him on.

5. tell each other "i love you" more often

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It's three words that people often take for granted, and sometimes don't express enough.

Make it a point to articulate your love and affection whenever you feel it. Spontaneity and sincerity are the key here.

What do you think of our list of _5 New Year Relationship Resolutions For Newlyweds?_ We hope you find the ideas useful in coming up with relationship resolutions and #couplegoals for the brand new year!

Have more ideas to share? Let us know by emailing us at hello@miraculove.com. We'll be happy to enrich this list!

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