5 Tips to Write A Touching Wedding Speech

As a groom or bride to be, you probably have a lot on your plate. Coming up with a wedding speech that's heartfelt and memorable to thank your guests and all who's helped out at your wedding would likely be one. A tradition that started in the West, grooms and brides making wedding speeches is now commonplace in Singapore weddings.

As far as speeches go, joint Mr and Mrs speeches are the trend, for couples to show "we're a team now!" instead of grooms speaking on behalf of the brides. The double act is a wonderful way to demonstrate the dynamics of the relationship, portraying the individuals as equals in the union.

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Here are 5 tips to write and deliver a great Mr and Mrs wedding speech, one that publicly expresses gratitude to people you love and offers a genuine glimpse into your relationship and future that'll have guests appreciating their role in journeying through life with you.

1. Tell a personal story

Share about your love story, what made you realise that the person next to you as you make the speech is the right one.

This will have you speak from the heart and draw in guests that you might not be particularly close to (friends of your parents or distant relatives) as they subconsciously identify your serendipitous, poignant love story with their own.

2. Keep it short, sweet and light-hearted

Just because there’s two of you speaking doesn't mean you want to double the length and airtime of a typical speech.

It's important not to ramble even if you're in the moment for sharing more, keep to your script.

When writing the script together, be sure not to have points overlap, unless you deliberately want salient points to be reiterated for impact.

Aim for ten minutes to make a succinct and memorable speech that'll leave the guests wanting more.

3. let beautiful prose articulate your feelings

If you're not the romantic sort, seek inspiration from famous love quotes that can help you to get your feelings across.

Everybody loves a "morale of the story" that they can remember by and a quote would work in that regard.

Coin your own quote or use one that's elegantly phrased and easily remembered. The chosen quote could be a nice talking point for guests after your speech, serving as inspiration for others.

4. rehearse more

A joint Mr and Mrs speech would require more rehearsal - getting the right amount of interaction between the two of you throughout and ensuring that you pick up nicely where the other leaves off. Make eye connection and exchange facial expressions - that'll make guests feel that you're really enjoying the teamwork.

Practise with each other to simulate the actual day speech and encourage your better half - that'll take jitters off.

Prior to the speech, check with your venue coordinator on the speaking setup i.e. number of microphones, whether you'll be speaking on a lectern, and where you would want to place your script (if not every word's been committed to memory). That'll help you feel more prepared and in-control before and during the speech.

5. don't make it a thank you laundry list

Spend the effort to talk about each person you're thanking - personality traits you're appreciative of, just how much the person has helped (or gone the extra mile to) and how you couldn't have gotten by without that specific help you've been offered.

That'll be a more personal and touching display of gratitude to the people you care about.

extra tip

After so much thought to craft and deliver an amazing Mr and Mrs wedding speech, be sure to task your videographer beforehand to film it in its entirety - so that you'll have the whole speech as a keepsake.

We hope you've enjoyed our article 5 Tips to Write A Touching Wedding Speech. We hope the tips are useful and that friends and family would love your well-crafted speech so much that they'll ask for a transcript of it after your wedding!

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