6 Beautiful Engagements of Singapore Influencers

When our favourite local influencers were proposed to, our hearts skipped a beat.

Here's a glimpse of their beautiful and touching proposals! Hopefully we can look forward to their weddings in 2017 and beyond.

1. Nellie Lim (@nellielim)

Nellie Lim Engagement Diamond Ring _
Credits: The Wedding Scoop Pinterest_

Talk about a destination proposal!

Digital Influencer & "Shoe Queen" Nellie Lim's beautiful proposal took place amongst the idyllic, snow-capped mountains of Mount Cook, New Zealand.

The breathtaking scenery totally complements her gorgeous rose-gold diamond engagement ring, which is inspired by a snowflake.

2. Amanda Wong (@beautifuladieu)

Amanda Wong Engagement _
Credits: Beautifuladieu Instagram_

Beautifuladieu Engagement _
Credits: Beautifuladieu Instagram_

Fashion and portrait photographer Amanda Wong collaborated with Cointreau to hold her first ever exhibition in Paris to "showcase women who dare, dream and create – women who have forged their own unchattered paths in life."

It was at this milestone moment in time that she was proposed to. Loving how she said "oui" to her happily ever after at such a significant event, in a country which'll always have her heart.

3. Melissa Koh (@melissackoh)

Melissa Celestine Koh engagement _
Source: The Wedding Scoop_

James Chen Proposal to Melissa Koh _
Source: The Wedding Scoop_

This is a love story "14 years in the making" and simply an inspiration for all who believe that love endures.

We loved every tiniest detail of how well-known fashion blogger Melissa Koh was proposed to by her sweetheart James Chen - the setting being the church where they first met, the venue decked in soft blush and gold by their dear friend Phillane of Med Karlek Inc. and photographed by their favourite travel companion Melvin of Multifolds Photography.

4. Kai Ting (@kaitinghearts)

Kaiting and Ken engagement _
Credits: Kaiting's Blog_

Yacht Surprise Proposal _
Credits: Kaiting's Blog_

Blogger Kaiting graduated and was engaged on the very same day - talk about one date that she'll always remember by heart!

We loved how Ken's proposal involved family and friends behind the scenes who all pitched in to prime the yacht for that one special exhilarating moment. Read more on Kaiting's blog.

5. Zoe Raymond (@zoeraymondtan)

Zoe Raymond Proposal in Disneyland _
Credits: Zoe's Blog_

Fairytale Proposal in Disneyland _
Credits: Zoe's Blog_

A fairytale proposal set in the iconic Tokyo Disneyland store for the Disney Princess kinda of girl, fashion and yoga maven Zoe Raymond.

It's so neat that amid the chatter and crowd, the two had an unforgettable private moment to say "yes" to each other, as though time stood still for the magic of love to happen.

6. Jocina (@jocinaaa)

Romantic Korea Engagement _
Credits: Jocina's Blog_

Tzu Korea Proposal to Jocina _
Credits: Jocina's Blog_

A+ effort for Tzu who planned everything to the T to surprise longtime sweetheart, style maven Jocina.

The heartwarming video he secretly made with contributions from Jocina's friends, family and even her dogs was just so sweet! The proposal scene decorated with photos that chronicled their journey made everything even more personal and special.

Read Jorina's blog for the lengths Tzu went to in hiding the ring on their holiday trip and ensuring that the proposal was a complete surprise!

What do you think of our list of 6 Beautiful Engagements of Singapore Influencers We hope you find the read inspirational and moving. Join us in congratulating the beautiful couples featured!

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