6 Ways to Integrate Favourite Quotes into Your Wedding

Love quotes or meaningful verses often make us go weak at the knees. Using words of meaning in your wedding decor creates a poetic, romantic touch to your special day.

Quotes are a subtle way to bring out true sentiments of the union, which can often be forgotten amongst the feasting, wining and photo taking. Here are 6 artful ways to incorporate your favourite quotes into your wedding.

1. Aisle Runner

Calligraphy aisle runner
Credits: Jean Danker | Calligraphy: The Work Room Sg | Planning: Wedding Concepteur

A hand-picked quote brings so much meaning, symbolism and literary elegance to a wedding.

Loving how this verse was transformed into a graceful calligraphy aisle runner for local celebrities Jean & Glenn's wedding march in.

2. Guest Book

Love quote wood slice by Miraculove
Source: Miraculove | Venue: The Halia

The promise of a lifetime, beautifully affixed onto a rustic wood slice that served as wedding decor and an unconventional yet inviting guest book.

Love quote wood slice by Miraculove
<a href="Source: Miraculove

What an art piece this became after wedding guests left their mark on the signature love quote guest book.

Definitely a timeless keepsake for the couple at their new home.

3. Cake

Wedding cake with artistic edible words
Source: Intimate Weddings

Edible musings that made the wedding cake all the more special.

4. Table Centerpiece

Poetic table verses and quotes
Source: Intimate Weddings

Place different quotes you love at each guest table, tying in to a unified poetic theme.

That way, social butterflies would have so much fun flitting table to table to read them all.

5. Wedding Favour

Framed calligraphy pieces for wedding favours
<a href="Source: Miraculove

Wedding favours can go two ways - be seen as "Thoughtful", or be deemed "Tacky".

Framed meaningful quotes make such pretty pieces to spruce up the guest table decor, and are likely to belong in the former category.

In fact, guests would be delighted to bring home an everlasting piece of your wedding that would have pride of place at their homes or offices.

6. Wedding Invitation

Calligraphy wedding invitation cards
<a href="Source: Miraculove

Calligraphy quotes or verses, paired with enigmatic designs, make for a wonderful first impression and brings across the wedding theme and concept perfectly.

What do you think of our list of 6 Meaningful Ways to Integrate Favourite Quotes into Your Wedding? We hope you find our recommendations useful.

Have any other creative ideas to share? Or wedding-related questions for us? Let us know by emailing us at hello@miraculove.com.

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