7 Adorable Babies to Follow on Instagram

What's not to love about seeing babies on Instagram? If adorable mini-people flashing their gummy smiles sets your heart (or uterus) on overdrive, go stalk these 7 must-follow Instagram accounts.

Spoiler alert: They might have you wrapped around their little fingers.

Monoamniotic-Monochorionic ("Momo") twins @leialauren

You get double the adorableness scrolling through their feed. Leia and Lauren are identical twins with an inseparable bond (which often leaves their fur friend Chuggie feeling left out).

You'll enjoy seeing their little adventures around our sunny island Singapore and beyond our coast to Iceland, Phuket - just to name a few.

Sample cuteness:

Sisters @meregoround & @ame1iaon

Daughters of social media influencer Bong Qiuqiu, Meredith and Amelia are no strangers to fame.

Their feeds are filled with real, unpretentious moments of growing up and their sisterhood.

Sample cuteness:

Sister @sophie.leeze & Brother @sage.leezx

They may be small, but this sibling pair show big love. Their sunny dispositions and wide-eyed expressive faces will put a smile on yours too.

Sample cuteness:

Baby @yangarielle

The apple of mummy (and social media influencer) Zoe Raymond's eyes since March 2018.

Her cooing, babbling and thumb-sucking antics are enough to melt any heart.

Sample cuteness:

Hi! I am Yunnie. I am the newly minted mama to a little baby girl and a mum friend to everyone on this special (and many times scary) journey of motherhood. Also a graduated bride with a penchant for weddings.

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