7 Inspirational Young Mums to Follow on Instagram

Motherhood can be a lonely journey especially if you are the first of your peers to reach this life stage. It helps to connect with a strong, supportive mum community (Instagram is a great place to start).

Here are 7 young Singapore mums you can follow to learn and be inspired from the best! Steal some parenting ideas or just lighten your mood with adorable pictures of their little ones.


This talented lady cooks and bakes with a passion, often generously sharing recipes and tips with her followers. Outside of the kitchen, she is the doting mum of baby Jaylene who is a real cutie pie.

Lirong regularly shares how she goes about her daily life with Jaylene on Insta-story. As a new mum, I was lost as to how I could plan my day's schedule with bubs. Lirong's posts gave me fresh insights and inspiration!


Zoe is an avid yogi and it is a joy seeing clips of her smiley baby Arielle in her yoga workouts. Did you know? She practised yoga throughout her pregnancy for a smoother delivery (for me, getting out of bed with a huge belly was already tiring enough!) Her commitment to an active lifestyle is an inspiration.

Zoe is known for sharing helpful tips on baby-related topics. Many mums (myself included) have benefited from her sharings which include managing an overactive supply and using the haakaa pump to collect letdown.


Pearlyn is no stranger to the local wedding industry. Her watercolour artworks are gorgeous and this mumpreneur is a bride-favourite (read our interview with her here).

It is remarkable how while running her wedding stationery business, she is busy parenting toddler Rey and baby Jude. She doesn't only share the happy enviable moments of motherhood; she talks about the meltdowns and tantrums to show a real side to mum life.


Shuying is the pioneer of Singapore's wedding styling scene and her works are absolutely swoon-worthy (read our interview with her here).

Recently she made a brave decision to transition her brainchild MerryLoveWeddings from wedding stylist to rental house to focus more time on baby Liam. A mother's love knows no boundaries :')

Get a tip or two from this capable mum! I'm definitely getting her recipes for bubs' first solids.


Meiting is a style maven and that explains her tasteful aesthetics for her baby girl's nursery - which inspired me when I was designing my own.

When her maternity leave ended, she openly shared the challenges of balancing a career and motherhood. Her refreshing honesty about how sometimes we can't just have it all is definitely relatable to modern women of today.


Denise showed extraordinary bravery when she went through a drug-free natural delivery to deliver baby Asher, read the full story here. She's a loving mama who put her baby boy before herself even before she's set eyes on him!

Follow Denise's journey into motherhood, as she shares her thoughts and musings often on Instastory. I love that she's always counting her blessings - the optimism and contentment rub off on me!


Sabrina's active baby boy, 小 Kaisor, is a mini replica of her husband and such a bundle of joy! Just watch this viral video of 小 Kaisor rolling about in bed to tire himself out for bedtime and you'll agree!

I have followed Sabrina's account since her pregnancy days and I enjoy her updates which show her optimistic outlook on life and motherhood!

Header image credit: Lirong's Instagram

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