Bridesmaid Outfits that Bridesmaids Will Really Love

While the bride's meant to glow and shine on her wedding day, bridesmaids deserve to look their best too.

An unofficial survey reported that 61% of conflicts bridesmaids have with brides are about their dresses. It's really sad that a special occasion of joining together lovebirds might break up friendship.

So pray tell, you might ask,

"where can you find bridesmaid outfits your bridesmaids would like?"

Love Bonito Bridesmaids Dresses Outfits LYLAS Collection

A good place to start would be the 2019 Love, Bonito LYLAS collection. In fact, your bridesmaids might ending up LOVING their dresses so much that they'll even wear them after your wedding.

My heart seriously skipped a beat when I first received the 2019 LYLAS bridesmaid outfit pictures from the Love, Bonito team in my mailbox. I have a weakness for muted colours and it’s such a coincidence that the main colour themes for the 2019 LYLAS collection are my favourites — Lilac, Dusty Blue and Dusty Pink!

Shall let the gorgeous styled shoot pictures do the talking.

Love Bonito Bridesmaids Dresses Outfits LYLAS Collection

Some background information. LYLAS stands for Love You Like A Sister. It is Love, Bonito’s bridesmaid collection to celebrate individuality in sisterhood. Beyond the gorgeous aesthetics, it empowers bridesmaids to customise their individual looks yet look cohesive with the rest of the bride tribe.

I love the thought process behind how LYLAS had been conceived — for various silhouettes, styles, and shades to cater to different bridesmaids’ unique body shapes, sizes and skin-tones.

For the 2019 LYLAS bridesmaid collection, there are two themes.

Theme one is Floral. Team Love, Bonito has this to say about the floral theme.

“The floral themed collection features best sellers from previous LYLAS collections & new and refreshing designs in the iconic floral print exclusively designed by Love, Bonito.

The floral themed bridesmaid dresses can be paired with solid color ones to create a livelier bridesmaid collection. The floral themed tops are designed to be paired seamlessly with ivory, dusty blue and dusty mauve bottoms from different collections.

It allows individuality and space for bridesmaids to be creative with personalizing their look.”

If floral isn’t really your thing, or if you're planning a traditional wedding, you will be happy to know that theme two is Oriental.

“The oriental themed collection is this season’s mini collection, which features new designs accompanied with classic pieces from previous LYLAS collections in the lovely Lilac, Dusty Blue and Dusty Pink.”

Since I was in correspondence with Team Love, Bonito, I took the chance to ask the stylish girls for bridesmaid styling tips.

“Firstly, figure out what is the colour scheme you want your bridesmaids to be in. We have 9 different colour options to choose from - Blush, Lilac, Navy, Dusty Pink, Dusty Blue, Maroon, Sage, Wisteria and White.

Secondly, based on the colour scheme you want, get your bridesmaids to choose their favourite look from our website or at a Love, Bonito store. This can help you understand who in your #bridetribe is open to wearing dresses/separates/jumpsuits. Allowing your bridesmaid to choose their outfits gives them the option to choose pieces they’re comfortable in (some girls prefer sleeved items while others prefer to wear pants)

Lastly, based on the items your #bridetribe have chosen, take a picture of your tribe to see if they have a cohesive look (you can tag us the photo you’ve taken @lovebonito (@lovebonito and @iwearlovebonito)).”

You can shop the 2019 LYLAS bridesmaid collection on or at Love, Bonito’s flagship store at 313@Somerset as well as Jem in Singapore.


Since its debut in 2017, Love, Bonito’s LYLAS bridesmaid collections have been loved and donned by many #bridetribes. The LYLAS collections are regular bi-annual launches of bridesmaid outfits and are known to be trendy, high-quality and wallet-friendly.

About Love, Bonito

Love, Bonito is a home grown Singapore fashion brand started in 2010 which caters to the everyday modern woman with apparels known for their mastery of the Asian fit.

Love Bonito Bridesmaids Dresses Outfits LYLAS Collection

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