Chic Bridal Boudoir Sessions We Love

Bridal boudoir photo sessions are on the rise, especially in the West.

What exactly is bridal boudoir photography? It is a shoot, a private and sexy one, for a bride-to-be to pose alone in lingerie. Taken well, the shots are memorable, chic and tasteful. Bridal boudoir photos help women feel confident of how they look, also serving as a keepsake of how body-perfect they are right before tying the knot.

Bridal boudoir photographers are known to be discreet, professional and artistic. In this regard, they will not show any of the taken photos to anyone else without your express consent. To have ease of mind, have your boudoir photographer sign an agreement stating so before the session.

Boudoirs can be photographed in your own bedroom, stylish hotel rooms or even the quaint outdoors. It is about capturing you in an environment that represents who you are, what you love and how you feel about yourself.

Fascinated by this trend and bordering on the decision to have one for yourself? These are our top picks of chic bridal boudoirs that exude femininity yet character, and are bound to inspire:

Indoor Bridal Boudoir Sessions

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Outdoor Bridal Boudoir Sessions

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Source: Once Wed via Pinterest

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Bridal Boudoir Photographers in Singapore

1. Dee of Souldeelight

Dee is a all around happy vibe girl who is passionate about making pretty things and making things pretty. Warm and dependable, Dee is an experienced photographer who'll make you feel comfortable in your skin.

Check out Dee's portfolio here. Also read our International Women's Day interview with this amazing women entrepreneur here.

2. Fiona of Smittenpixels

Smitten's philosophy is about capturing the mood, lots of mood… ensuring your pictures would have preserved your moments with exact remembrance of the good memories.

Fiona photographs love and tells love stories through her photographic art. Check out her soulful works here.

3. Intimate by Lightedpixels

Intimate by Lightedpixels celebrates photos that are more intimate and personal. Their photos are real, powerful and inspirational.

Check out their authentic works here.

We hope you're hugely inspired after seeing all these gorgeous photos from this article Chic Bridal Boudoir Sessions We Love.

To have a bridal boudoir session or not? Most importantly, ask yourself if doing so would celebrate you, your youth and what you believe in.

And you'll find your answer deep within.

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