Chinese Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity

I was inspired by Happy Tot Shelf's Stacking and Counting Snowman activity and applied the stacking idea to create this fun game for toddlers to literally make head or tail of dragons and assemble these imaginary oriental creatures!

This was a great fine motor activity to occupy my toddler during the weeks leading up to Chinese New Year as I zoomed around the house doing light spring-cleaning (I had already done the kon-mari heavy work a few months back creating a Montessori-inspired play area in my 500sqft apartment for Miss 21 months.)

Chinese Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity

Chinese Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity

Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity!

How to Create this Activity

Materials needed:

  • About 5 TP rolls
  • Scissors
  • A4 copy paper
  • Black marker
  • Coloring supplies
  • Tape


  • Draw a dragon on the A4 white paper and describe the anatomy of the dragon to your toddler (In addition to English, I named the body parts in Chinese to Miss 21 months - the head "头", eyes "眼睛", mouth "嘴", long feelers "胡须", body "身体", scales "鳞" and tail "尾")

Chinese Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity

  • Invite your toddler to color the dragon as you reiterate the body parts in both languages
  • Cut out the colored dragon according to its outline, then into roughly 3cm sections
  • Stick cut dragon sections onto TP rolls and cut the lengths of the TP rolls accordingly
  • Encourage toddler to assemble the dragon through stacking

Your toddler might need help identifying the head and tail and putting them in the right order! It'll be fun to talk about what the dragon wants to do when it's put together and returning to the sky! An ongoing conversation would do wonders for language development and enrichment of your toddler's vocabulary.

This activity also presents an opportunity to teach and practise counting.

Chinese Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity

Overall Learning Benefits of this Activity

Coloring the dragon with your toddler provides these benefits:

  • Art projects encourages self-expression and creativity
  • Coloring boosts fine motor development
  • Co-creation of artwork with caregiver enables the child to feel that her input is valued, building a sense of self-worth and accomplishment

Assembling the dragon helps the toddler with:

  • Motor planning and hand-eye coordination
  • Object recognition
  • Reasoning and thinking skills
  • Self-correction opportunities

Chinese Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity

Other Creative Chinese Dragon Crafts

If you would like to try your hand at making more Chinese New Year dragon crafts, these are interesting ones to consider!

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Chinese Dragon Assembly TP Roll Toddler Activity

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