DIY Felt Teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

When I brought Gwen to Kidsquest Children's Museum's storytimes (which have one of the most passionate storytellers I've met!), I noticed that they regularly used a felt teaching board to place cut-out characters of storybooks as they narrated the story.

It seemed very easy to stick on and remove the felt pieces from the board quickly as the story progressed, and the use of the felt board made it simple to follow the story visually.

I thought the felt board seemed a very useful teaching tool so I decided to make my own using recycled materials and loose art materials.

DIY Felt teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

DIY Felt teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

DIY Felt Teaching Board for Learning Toddlers!

How to Create Your Own Felt Teaching Board

You'll need the following materials:

  • A cardboard box with a large surface area. Open the box and bend the lid backwards to form an easel. Use tape to secure the cardboard box so it can self-stand

DIY Felt teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

  • Tape large felt sheets onto the cardboard to form your canvas base

DIY Felt teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

  • Tape a cup or small box to the side to contain small felt pieces

DIY Felt teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

Simple Felt Learning Activities

  • Construct a Face

I cut out small felt pieces of eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc to teach Gwen (16 months) about body parts! She's learning to position the facial features correctly on the face and honing her hand-eye coordination.

Whenever I ask her whose face she's creating, she'll say it's "Dad-dee". Heart melts.

DIY Felt teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

  • Learn about Emotions

At the same time while constructing a face, I teach Gwen about "happy" and "sad" emotions by turning the mouth felt piece up for the former and down for the latter. I also cut out tear-shaped felt pieces to form a crying face so I could describe "sad" better.

I believe this is a great activity for teaching Gwen what emotions are and to express them outwardly so I could be sensitive to her feelings.

  • Create a Garden Landscape

I cut out small felt pieces of flower petals and butterfly wings so Gwen could randomly stick them on the board to make a garden landscape. I'll definitely be adding more elements (e.g. sun, clouds, birds, trees) seeing how much she's enjoying the felt creations!

Every creation is unique and this is a great activity to hone her eye for details and promote open-ended creative play.

  • Storytelling

I'm going to try this next - photocopying characters from Gwen's favourite books and pasting them on felt to use on the felt board! This way I could introduce the characters one by one as I read the book... a visual treat and an interesting way to jazz up reading!

Other DIY Learning Tools

If you enjoy making useful learning tools, these are other ideas you can try!

  • Sensory velcro learning board for little ones who love the crispy sounds of velcro tearing as well as yanking and pulling!

  • Special doodle board for toddlers to paint with water in a mess-free way, which can be reused time and again!

To follow Gwen's play adventures, check out @miraculove_sg (Instagram) or A Toddler Activity A Day Facebook Group.

DIY Felt teaching Board for Learning Toddlers

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