DIY Watering Can for Toddler Outdoor Play

Whenever there's a bit of sunshine (which Seattlites long for), I love bringing Gwen out to the outdoors to experience nature. I hope that by exposing Gwen to the outdoors since young, she'll develop a lifelong appreciation for nature.

Apart from looking at and touching plants, I thought it would be fun for her to try watering them. This is a great way for her to learn that plants are living things and need water just like us to grow.

Milk Carton Watering Can for Toddler Outdoor Play

Since young children find it difficult to use a gardener's watering can and enthusiastically end up drowning the poor plants, I decided to DIY an

Environmentally-friendly Watering Can!

that's easy for little toddler hands to hold so Gwen could slowly sprinkle plants with water.

The DIY watering can is recycled from a milk carton, a common enough product that my household consumes, so we can make new watering cans whenever the old one gets battered from toddler use. It sends a great environmental message too, which is important for Gwen to grow up with.

How to DIY a Toddler Watering Can

  • Rinse with water a cardboard milk carton or plastic bottle/jug (after the contents have been consumed) and leave to dry
  • Drill a few holes into the top side of the carton or bottle/jug. This is so that when you pour water into the container, you can fill it up while upright

Milk Carton Watering Can for Toddler Outdoor Play

To use:

Simply turn the container over the plants to sprinkle the water on them!

Milk Carton Watering Can for Toddler Outdoor Play

Great DIY Toddler Watering Can Ideas

  • Turn it into both an art and craft + gardening activity! Decorate soda plastic bottles with acrylic paint, hop over to Mess for Less to be inspired
  • Cultivate gardening skills in your little one with a DIY self watering pot. Learn how at Kid Spot Australia

I hope your child finds this a fun activity. Tell us your experience at miraculove_sg via Instagram Direct Message or Facebook Group.

Milk Carton Watering Can for Toddler Outdoor Play

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