Dear Husband: Our little family is thriving because of you

Dear J,

Happy second wedding anniversary.

It feels like yesterday that you gingerly lifted my veil and planted the most endearing kiss ever on my lips.


Happy second month to us as new parents.

It feels like yesterday that you nervously held my hand through contractions and planted the most tender kiss on our newborn.

In the blink of an eye, we have been each other's companion for ten full years.

You have always been far better at adulting than I am.

Boyfriend > Soulmate > Fiance > Husband > Life partner > Father of my child.

I watched as you ease into the new roles at different life stages, and become the best version of yourself at each.

Friends often comment that you seem a natural at being a dad. I know it is because of the sheer fact that you give it all you've got.

It takes a village to raise a kid, but here we are as first-time parents in the States - without kin. Yet I don't feel deprived of help because you step up in so many ways to take care of us.

You hustle and stretch yourself in your day job so you can come home early to us.

Once you are home, you are a man with a mission. You fix up our dinner, so I don't have to lift a finger and can give baby my undivided attention.

After dinner, you hastily clean up and take a quick shower, so you make it for baby's 8pm bedtime ritual - rocking and soothing till she drifts off to sleep.

Your day doesn't simply end like this. You ninja away from the sleeping baby to code the Miraculove site, because you know it is my baby too.

During the ungodly hours of the night, you awaken to hold our baby when she doesn't sleep through the night.

In the morning before you set off for work, you prepare lunch - my portion you stow away for me to reheat, yours in a lunchbox to bring to office.

It is the smallest details you pay attention to that make the biggest difference.

When I share with friends how you go about your day to lighten my load as a stay-home mum, they can't believe it.

I am not trying to make you out to be some superdad; I am just giving credit where it is due.

Our little family is thriving because of you.

Thank you for loving us with all your heart. We love you too.

Pehfectly yours,

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