Easy Feng Shui Tips For Lasting Success

Instead of doing drastic things to change your luck, try out some easy and swift moves from the ancient art of Feng Shui to ensure this is your best year yet.

Feng Shui Master David Tong gave Miraculove insider tips and cures that take mere minutes but produce long-lasting results in work, home and love.

Ready to get started?

first, get your bearings

You need to be able to determine the various direction sectors of your house to put Feng Shui plans to action. There are various methods. One of the simplest methods will be to stand directly at the centre of your house, and point your phone compass to any direction. _
Pic credits: Engadget_ If that direction shows North, walk straight all the way to the end of that direction and if you do correctly, you should end up at the North sector of your house. This is the same for other sectors. With that, you can implement Feng Shui cures accordingly to the direction/sectors.

married couples

"What top Feng Shui tip(s) would you give married couples for an auspicious year ahead?"

Source: Bright and Beautiful Blog Pinterest_ For married couples, to be able to live in harmony and happily is a blessing. In Feng Shui, every year the argument star changes its location within the house. For 2017, this argument star is at the West sector of your house. If West sector is where your master bedroom or the main door is, there will be more arguments and disharmony in the family this year. To mitigate this problem, place fire element objects such as a red lamp, or candles at the West sector of the house. The argument star, being of Wood energy nature, will be exhausted by the fire element objects.

single romance seekers

"What top Feng Shui tip(s) would you give singles to boost luck in romance this year?"

Source: Pinterest_ For singles, the part of the house where the romance star is this year is at the Northeast sector. Ideally, singles can use that area as a bedroom to sleep in this year so that it is influenced by the energy and brings romance luck. If not possible, place a large vase of fresh romance related flowers (such as roses) to enhance the romance luck. Use only real flowers, not artificial ones. And remember to change the flowers when it withers.

working professionals

"What top Feng Shui tip(s) would you give for better energy and luck in office?"

Source: Pinterest_

The wealth sector is at the East sector this year. For office, if you are doing sales or if you are the business owner, you can activate the wealth star by placing a water fountain or fish tank at the East sector of your office. The water fountain or fish tank should be of reasonable size, generally the bigger the better to bring better results.

The area that cause leakage of wealth is at the Southwest sector. If the office main door or MD’s or sales room is located at this sector, place salt water cure to reduce the negative energy. Use a large glass container, pour in ¾ of coarse salt and fill water to the brim. Place it in that area. This will absorb all the negative energy. Top up the water whenever it evaporates.

home makers

"What top Feng Shui tip(s) would you give for better energy and luck at home?"

Source: Do It Yourself Blog_

For home, the sickness and obstacles star is at the Northwest and South sector respectively. Avoid using these area as a bedroom as occupants staying in these rooms will tend to fall sick more easily or experience obstacles to career.

If no choice you have to use that room or if the sector falls on the main door (if main door, generally health of the occupants will be poorer this year), hang a 6 rod metallic windchime at that area so that the metal sound will dissipate the negative energy.

For wealth luck, you can also activate the wealth sector of the house using the method as per Feng Shui tip for office above.

About Master David Tong
He is the founder of Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting, a leading Feng Shui consultancy firm in Singapore that was featured on various media such as The New Paper, My Paper, The Straits Times, CNN International etc.

His impressive resume includes the only Feng Shui company to be conferred the Asian Excellence Award 2013, The Wedding Accolade 2013 Award as well as the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award 2014.

Contact Master David Tong
Mobile: 98299670
Email: david@cmgconsulting.com.sg
Website: http://www.cmgconsulting.com.sg

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