Fall Themed Scoop Transfer & Sort Station

Bagged home the cutest pumpkin-shaped pasta at Trader Joe's. Before cooking them, I thought they'll be great for sensory play!

Fall Themed Scoop Transfer & Sort Station for Toddlers

Fall Themed Scoop Transfer & Sort Station!

The Setup

  • Pour the pasta pieces into sensory bin
  • Add tools for object filling and transfer e.g. bowls, cups, scoops, spoons, ladles
  • For sorting, include another type of items e.g. pine cones, acorns, leaves
  • Provide sorting containers e.g. pill boxes, wooden compartmentalised plates, small white uniform saucers (Play hack: I repurposed the plastic dividers found in pastry and cookie boxes!)

To successfully encourage sorting, demonstrate to your child (without a verbal commentary at the same time, Montessori-style, so she can focus on observing your actions). For more visual guidance, draw the items to be sorted on separate pieces of paper and tape them to the sorter container.

Fall Themed Scoop Transfer & Sort Station for Toddlers

Benefits of this Activity

  • Object transfer and filling help children understand spatial relationships between objects, important for math skills
  • Object transfer and filling improve fine motor skills
  • Sorting enables children to make sense of the world and create order in her life through organising like and different objects
  • Sorting allows children to group numbers and sets and understand numerical concepts better
  • Sorting enables children to spot and self-correct errors (The Montessori way is to let the child try it on her own after you have done the demonstration. Yes as a parent it can be hard to watch a child put sticks in the wrong slots without intervening but trust that she will in time realise it and self-correct. Letting your child figure it out on her own builds self-confidence.)

Fall Themed Scoop Transfer & Sort Station for Toddlers

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Fall Themed Scoop Transfer & Sort Station for Toddlers

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