How to Craft Memorable Wedding Hashtags

Let's face it. Wedding guests will be fiddling with their phones on your special day (unless you impose a strict no-phone rule but risk being called groomzillas & bridezillas!), showing live moments from your ceremony via Insta-stories or Snapchat. Others would be predictably uploading their OOTDs to social media and gushing about your exquisite wedding setup and their positive impressions of it.

Why not milk all of these great content that guests are creating? While you're at that, consolidate these content somewhere you can continually look back on after your big day via...


Now, school yourself in the art of Wedding Hashtags 101.

Start with your names

Like, duh you might think. But here's how to be conscientious about it.

Make a list of each singular word in your first and last names. Make sure to do this exercise with both your English/Anglicised name and Chinese/Native Mother Tongue name. Include nicknames and even pet names that people know you by.


The punnier, the better. Punny wedding hashtags make it easy for guests to remember and incentivise them to use it.

Think of ways to fuse the words you have generated in the tip above into English puns or Chinese idioms.

For inspiration, check out these amazing real Singaporean wedding hashtags that nailed it in the pun or idiom department.

Strength is in numbers

The same principle applies to creativity. Harness the brain juices of your groomsman and bridesmaid squad.

Gather your bridal party for a fun, wacky brainstorming session to churn out as many wedding hashtags as everyone can possibly can.

Then put the options to a democratic vote to shortlist the best one!

Inject Meaning

You can integrate numbers of significance to your hashtag such as the year or date of your wedding. Especially if your wedding date has recurring numbers or some mathematical logic to it. For example, #JonoandSharon 051217 triumphs plain old #JonoandSharon anytime in terms of uniqueness.

Alternatively insert wedding-related verbs or adjectives that characterises your envisioned big day. For instance, #TimandPaulaRacetotheAltar, #FinallyJeffandCelineareHitched (if you have a long engagement) or #JudeandSophiaSealtheDeal.

Don't skip the check!

Check the hashtag on key social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to see if there's something already tagged to it, and the kind of content.

If there's only a few other photos that don't seem wedding related and the ongoing content is benign, go ahead and use the hashtag.

A big no-no would be to hijack another couple's wedding with the same hashtag! That'll cause your photos to be all jumbled up with someone else's it just isn't courteous to the other couple. Simply add a unique number/verb/adjective to the hashtag (read above tip in entirety if you haven't!)

May inspiration strike for your wedding hashtag ideation!

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