Sandwich Cutting Breakfast Activity for Toddlers

These days it's extremely difficult to get Gwen strapped in her high chair for breakfast. She gives a tortured expression when finally seated, and attempts to prison-break after a mere 3 minutes.

My solution?

Turn breakfast into a sandwich art session with a cookie cutter!

It worked so well I almost couldn't believe it. I had to coax her out of her seat before bread in the house runs out 😂

Sandwich Cutting Breakfast Activity for Toddlers

Gwen's Reaction to the Activity

I demonstrated how the cookie cutter worked and made heart-shaped holes in a slice of bread. Gwen was so fascinated and reached out for the cookie cutter almost immediately to try it on her own.

Sandwich Cutting Breakfast Activity for Toddlers

I guided her hand and stamped the cookie cutter all over the bread. Then I left the bread in the cookie cutter for her to remove on her own. It must have seemed like a shape-sorter puzzle because she took out the bread and put it into the cookie cutter again. Repeat infinite times.

Sandwich Cutting Breakfast Activity for Toddlers

We ended up with excess heart-shaped bread which I kept in a lunchbox for subsequent meals.

Sandwich Cutting Breakfast Activity for Toddlers

This is a reminder to self that rather than fight or 'discipline' my child over something she clearly didn't want to do, I could exercise a little imagination to make a routine task fun and engaging. After all, young children need new stimuli to learn and explore with their senses.

Sandwich Cutting Breakfast Activity for Toddlers

How to Level-up This Activity for Older Toddlers

Use a variety of cookie cutters and different textured foods!

Also, use your creative juices to do some storytelling.

For instance - If your cookie cutters are dinosaur-shaped, tell a story about a land long before our time with all the stamped-out dinosaurs.

You can also incorporate nursery rhymes into this activity. "Five Little Ducks" is a fitting one. Each time a duck waddles off, have your child put the food into her mouth!

I hope this is a fun activity for your child. Share your experience with me via Instagram Direct Chat at @miraculove_sg or Facebook Group.

Sandwich Cutting Breakfast Activity for Toddlers

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