To My Daughter: 3 Wishes I Have For You

My Dearest Gwen,

There are so many things Mama wants for you, but I know it is not my place to expect them of you.

After all, it is your world to explore, your choices to make and your path to take.

So baby girl, you do you.

And while you blaze your own trail, here are 3 wishes Mama will always desperately, fervently, whole-heartedly wish for you:

1) I Hope You Are Healthy, Always

Every time you had fallen ill, I am beside myself with worry. I am getting better at being less paranoid and coming to terms that falling ill is part and parcel of strengthening your immunity, but it still scares me to hear your hacking coughs, feel your feverish head and see you a shadow of your usual vivacious self.

Thank you for fighting the bugs and having a full recovery each time.

I will continue to do everything it takes to protect your health now - breastfeeding, choosing organic etc. But I know I can't do this forever.

Just like Mama has never taken your health for granted, I hope it's something you would never, too.

2) I Hope You Choose Happy, Always.

Life will throw curveballs. You will make gut-wrenching mistakes. You will experience negativity.

But I hope nothing will ever break you.

And within the deepest abyss of self-doubt and despair, you will find the strength within yourself to choose happy.

And be happy.

Nothing will make me happier than knowing you choose happy, in your worst days and at your weakest moments.

3) I Hope You Have Fun, Always.

Someday when you grow up and you ever find yourself taking life too seriously, I hope you can take a step back and lighten up. Laugh at everything, yes even at yourself.

I love how as a toddler you find everything - even the most mundane household chore - fun. It's that sense of adventurism that I hope you'll never lose.

So as you grow up, surround yourself with people, things and activities that spark joy. I hope that list will always include your Daddy and me.

Just like the name we have chosen for you, we hope you will always be blessed.

With good health, happiness and fun in life.

Love Always,
Your Hopeful Mama

Hi! I am Yunnie. I am the newly minted mama to a little baby girl and a mum friend to everyone on this special (and many times scary) journey of motherhood. Also a graduated bride with a penchant for weddings.

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