Ways to Avoid 5 Most Confusing Wedding Terms

We thought it would be great to clarify 5 of the trickiest, commonly confused wedding terminologies.

Wedding couples with guests or vendors who are fastidious about grammar would find this useful.

1. RSVP vs. Please RSVP

RSVP for weddings Miraculove

The acronym RSVP stands for the French phrase “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply.”

It would therefore be repetitive to add a “please” in front of “RSVP” on your wedding invitation card.

You could also go with a sweet, safe, plain-English option “please reply.”

2. Bridal Registry vs. Wedding Directory

Bridal Registry vs Wedding Directory Miraculove

A bridal registry is a service provided by a retail store that assists engaged couples in communication of gift preferences to wedding guests. The gift wishlist is made available to wedding guests.

In Singapore, popular home furnishing brand Crate & Barrel has just introduced their bridal registry. If you would like a meaningful wedding gift like a coffee table for your new home from your well-wishers instead of cash angbaos, sign up for a bridal registry.

A wedding directory is a database listing contact information of wedding suppliers for couples to find the right vendors in planning for their wedding.

3. Wedding Stationer vs. Wedding Planner

Wedding Stationery vs Wedding Planner Miraculove

A wedding stationer is a designer of paper goods required for a wedding, ranging from pre-wedding items like invitation cards to day-of items like menu cards to post-wedding thank you cards.

A wedding planner is a professional engaged to plan and organise a wedding in consultation with the bride and groom, who manages the suppliers (florist, decorator, stationer etc) on the couple’s behalf.

4. Aisle vs. Isle

Aisle vs Isle Weddings Miraculove

An aisle is the passageway between two sections. It’s commonly called a Wedding Aisle if the bride and groom marches in on it.

An isle is an island. You’ll be using this word if you’re planning an island destination wedding or whisking yourselves to an island hideout post-wedding.

5. Maid of Honour vs. Matron of Honour

Maid of Honour vs Matron of Honour Miraculove

The Maid of Honor refers to a bride’s honor attendant who is NOT married.

The Matron of Honor refers to one who is married.

This is helpful to know when you’re addressing a card to invite your girlfriends to be your honour attendants!

We hope you've found our article 5 Commonly Confused Wedding Terms And How To Avoid Them useful.

Have other tricky wedding terms to share? Email us at hello@miraculove.com and we'll be happy to enrich the list.

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