5 Special Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

Win over the hearts of your closest and dearest girlfriends and get them to say yes to being your bridesmaid (or if they already have, to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside).

After all, bridesmaids play such an irreplaceable role for your wedding - from planning your hen's night, giving you golden advice for your wedding dress, pouring you tea to serve the elders to holding up your long train wherever you walk!

In countries like China, some bridesmaids have it so hard that <a href="professionals are hired just to play the role!

Shower these important ladies with a little lovin' with our roundup of 5 gifts to touch their hearts:

1. Face Masks

The perfect TLC for your bridesmaids to put their best face forward on your wedding day, and mask those dark eye circles they might have gotten in the planning process.

Consider fun animal face masks for great "skincaretainment"! Get masks in your girlfriends' spirit animals and have fun taking hundreds of we-fies together!

Source: SNP

Animal face masks can be easily found in Singapore, from brands like The Face Shop!

2. Matching dressing robes

Right before your wedding reception, your girls are going to doll up! Get them all comfy in your bridal suite with matching robes. For decent robes that won't break the bank, you might want to check out Taobao for great deals!

Source: Taobao

If your photographer's available, better yet, ask for some pictures to be taken with your girlsquad in your bridal room to celebrate those intimate sisterly moments before the wedding party starts!

3. Bridesmaid Dresses (Did we hear a "duh somewhere? Haha)

Best way to get your girlfriends all excited for your big day - knowing what they're going to wear for your wedding day and group photoshoot!

Also the perfect way to announce your wedding colour palette!

Source: BeStarck

Get something stylish and easily wearable from labels like BeStarck.

4. Personalised accessories

Believe us, your bridesmaids would be giving you a peck on the cheek when they see this! Imagine having all aspects of their beauty and dressing taken care of by you!

Source: Sensibar-Sg

Isn't this such a darling keepsake? Loving how the idea of "tying the knot" is seamlessly integrated into the knotted bow design of this Sensi Bar silver piece.

5. Sweetly Designed Bridesmaid Card

The final item to express all the affection and gratitude to these leading ladies in your life - a heartfelt, lovingly penned card by you!

Source: Miraculove

A beautiful and thoughtful card would make a great addition to your girlfriend's dresser or work desk!

Now, for the last step. Package these items in a box, ribbon it up and attach a name tag to make this an unforgettable bridesmaid proposal box for your loved ones!

Source: Style Me Pretty

Art Friend and Daiso would be great places to source wooden or paper boxes that you can decorate into something pretty!

What do you think of our list of 5 Heartwarming Special Gifts For Your Bridesmaids. We hope you find our ideas useful in delighting your bffs.

Have any other sources to share? Or wedding-related questions for us? Let us know by emailing us at hello@miraculove.com.

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