8 Hottest Wedding Trends in Singapore

We had a passionate chat with talented wedding planner and stylist Hanzhi of The Joy Troopers to pick her brain on the top wedding trends spotted in Singapore.

From lush greenery to customised little details to entertainment that will keep guests' hands full, these trends identified by Hanzhi guarantee that gorgeousness at weddings!

Here goes:

1. Keeping it Intimate and cosy

When the guest list gets longer and longer, and knowing 70% of the guests may not be the people you know, it’s time to reflect on the type of wedding you will love to have.

If necessary, separate the wedding into several parties; formal or fun! This will allow guests of various dynamics to enjoy and celebrate with you!

Photography: 520 Library

Photography: 520 Library

Photography: 520 Library

A cosy and casual wedding luncheon at The Halia @ Raffles hotel (note: unfortunately this venue is now closed due to renovations), with a selected group of close friends, Cherryn and Zhihong mingled among their guests and their hearts were full.

They subsequently had another formal dinner banquet held at Raffles hotel that night, to celebrate with their family, for another kind of heart warming celebration.

2. Unique storytelling invitations

Creating the first impression for guests coming to your wedding, physical invitation cards should not be neglected in this digital age.

Be it an illustrated love story, a curated monogram or a calligraphed elegant design, these are one of the best ways to set the tone of your wedding and share your marriage announcement!

Source: Miraculove

Source: Miraculove

Source: Miraculove

3. Customization never fails to make a statement of your love!

Simply weaving in a personalized monogram, include verses / quotations close to your hearts, adding small touches of your own personality make the wedding memorably yours.

Styling: The Joy Troopers | Photography: Ksana

Handstitched Solemnisation Backdrop & Styling: The Joy Troopers | Photography: Ksana

4. Bridesmaids’ / Groomsmen’s kits

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen have great responsibilities and roles to play on the wedding day.

Retailers have came up with gift packs to help thoughtful brides and grooms “reward” these faithful girlfriends and buddies by pampering them with essentials to doll themselves up as gorgeous as the bride and groom!

Kits: Marigold and Grey

Kits: Marigold and Grey

5. Multi-ways wedding gown

Wear it as a full formal gown, remove the skirt to turn it into a dance dress, or drape over a cape to give yourself another look. These gowns will pamper the bride and save them from multiple changes.

Dress: Stella York

Dress: Oscar De La Rental

6. Buffets of anything!

No doubt dessert buffets are still popular among weddings, we see other forms of buffets and bars coming up brides’ and wedding stylists’ sleeves.

Wedding styling: The Joy Troopers | Floral Buffet: Fleurapy

Confetti Bar Image: Courtesy of Carina Skrobecki via Ruffled

7. Theme of the year, inspired by Colour of the year – Pantone Greenery!

We’ve heard about the Colour of the Year 2017 – Pantone Greenery. Green will be popular in 2017 especially in the choice of couples’ wedding venue. Minimalistic, simple and elegant.

Source: Commonhands

Selected Images: The Joy Troopers | Others In Collage: Pinterest

For Greenery inspired wedding florals, immerse in the gorgeous blooms in this article 5 Greenery Inspired Bridal Hand Bouquets We Love By Talented Singapore Florists.

For general inspiration and ideas on integrating the refreshing Greenery into your wedding, read this article 5 Legit Ways To Integrate Pantone Colour of 2017 Into Your Wedding.

Also - don't forget to check out the "Botanical" tab of our semi-custom invitation collection if you're looking to have this yummy greenery shade in your wedding invitations!

8. Unique wedding favours

Like desserts after dinner, guests leaving the celebration would appreciate the abundance of love and extra sweetness with these thoughtful wedding favours.

Customized Tea Packs: Collaboration Tea

Source: Weddings By Lilly

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Thank you Hanzhi of The Joy Troopers for the insightful sharing of trends!

2017 grooms and brides to be, don't miss out the opportunity to integrate these delightful ideas and trends into your wedding!

Feel free to arrange a friendly coffee with the friendly, down-to-earth and warm Hanzhi (whose attention to detail will blow you away) to realise your dream wedding just the way you envisioned it!

We hope you enjoyed this article 8 Hottest Wedding Trends In Singapore For 2017.

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