Babywearing Saved My Arms and Sanity

When I first got pregnant, the top priority of my baby shopping sprees was always clothes clothes clothes. Followed by the key essentials like infant car seat, stroller, breastfeeding pump... a baby carrier hadn't even crossed my mind then.

Now a few months into motherhood, I am officially a baby carrying addict, a kangamum in fact. I wear my baby day in and out to zip around the house running chores and errands, and it has proven to be an infallible sleep aid too.

I have finally found someone who is just as passionate as but infinitely more knowledgeable about babywearing than me. /insert excited face

TADA! I have the privilege of interviewing and stealing babywearing tips from Rynette Tan, who is first and foremost a full-time mum of 3, and also director of 13Thirteen plus a Certified Babywearing Consultant.

Babywearing Saved My Arms and Sanity

How is it like as a mum with 3 young kids?

It is definitely challenging having 3 young kids! With 3 boys aged 4 and under, there is never a dull moment in my life. I often find myself being pulled in different directions having to split my attention amongst the three, not to mention having to find time to run my business! Sure it’s exhausting, but also very rewarding.

Describe your typical day.

As my youngest is only 9 months old and still breastfeeding, I try to work my schedule around his mealtimes. So a typical day starts off with me getting up and having breakfast, then spending some time with the elder two. Sometimes I read to them or we do some crafts. Thereafter I would feed the baby and head to work and the helper would settle their lunch and put them to nap. I’m usually back for a late lunch and by the time I’m done with lunch they would wake from their naps. The baby usually has another feed at this time and if I don’t have any clients in the afternoon I usually bring them out and spend more time with the kids. Then it’s dinner, shower time and bedtime for the kids.

How did you first get into babywearing?

We didn’t think getting a baby carrier was important because we already had a stroller. Little did we know that our firstborn did not take to the stroller at all! Every single time we put him down he would cry and we ended up constantly carrying him. Over time I developed tendinitis in my wrists and also trigger thumb from carrying him too much – it was then that we decided it was time to invest in a decent carrier for the sake of my arms and my sanity. That has been my smartest parenting decision so far.

What was the first baby carrier you used?

There weren’t too many choices at the time, but after trying on those that were in the market we finally settled for a Manduca Blackline Soft Structured Carrier. Now there are lots more options available!

What is one baby carrier you would swear by?

A decent supportive ring sling. It’s small enough to fit into a handbag and you can carry both your infant and your toddler with it. I like the Chimparoo Air-O Ring Sling. It’s only a few hundred grams and folds down tiny, yet supportive enough to take up to 30kg. Plus it is waterproof so I can bring it any where I go – even to the beach or pool!

Why do you like babywearing?

I love the closeness to my kids when I’m babywearing. I love being able to snuggle up to them whenever I want to. Most importantly, I love that it keeps them safe, being close to me and that I can be on the move easily. Getting things done is so much more convenient.

How did your 3 bubs react to being worn?

The love it! # 2 and 3 were worn right from birth so it was a really smooth transition from womb to world. My kids are all very attached to me but also have very outgoing and sociable personalities! I attribute their secure attachment strongly to babywearing.

Any tips to share on babywearing?

What may fit you may not fit someone else so always seek assistance from a babywearing consultant if you are unsure what to get or if you wish to explore carriers that may be suitable for your body type and your lifestyle. Once you have bought your carrier, ensure your carrier is well adjusted to prevent unnecessary aches – don’t be afraid to adjust your carrier to get a comfortable fit, even if a store assistant or consultant had previously adjusted it for you! Most importantly, relax and enjoy the process – your baby can sense it when you are tense!


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