DIY Rocket Spaceship Family Halloween Costumes

DIY Rocket Spaceship Family Halloween Costumes!


Last year this time, Gwen was 6 months old for her first Halloween. We were gifted an adorable avocado outfit from a friend so my husband and I dressed as farmers to complement her outfit.

This Halloween, I knew I wanted a family outfit too. In fact if I could, I would make it a tradition to have family themed outfits every Halloween.

Why DIY?

This halloween is special to us because Gwen is a full-fledged toddler now. She has reached the age to understand customs and is receptive to new experiences. Because it would be her first trick or treat in a Halloween costume, I wanted Gwen's outfit to be lightweight so she would feel comfortable walking in it and its design had to be enticing (toddlers can be really picky with their clothes!)

The DIY push was big when I later heard from mama friends that chances are 2+yo kids want to pick their own Halloween outfits. This might be the only year I get to choose the theme of Gwen's halloween costume so I had better make it memorable.

Why Space Themed?

After much ideation, I decided on a rocket spaceship costume theme for the whole family. This was apt because Gwen's a fan of the “zoom zoom zoom we’re going to the moon” nursery rhyme song.

DIY Rocket Spaceship Family Halloween Costumes

The Process

It took me a month to put the family outfits together (with some occasional help from the husband). Seriously it could have taken a kidless me 1 day?!

The long leadtime was due to me involving Gwen in the creation process (I value the process and quality time spent as much as the outcome). Gwen kept kidnapping my art supplies 🤣 Finally I went with the flow and assigned Gwen the important role of tape peeler, a task she absolutely excelled in.


The outfits turned out spacetacular, much much better than I’d envisioned really. Haha sorry I really had to blow my own trumpet here because it took so much effort!!!

We wore the outfits to a community event and actually won the best dressed costume award omg 😱 We rocketed the outfits (on a roll with my puns lol.) That’s really the icing on the cake!


If you’re inspired to make your own rocket spaceship family outfits, here’s my recommendation on how to go about doing so!

Toddler-sized Spaceship

Materials you'll need:

  • 1 regular sized cardboard box for toddler’s spaceship (Ideally long length, shorter width and short height)
  • White paint or white paper
  • Blue and red markers (optional)
  • Scissors and penknife
  • Transparent tape
  • Black painter's tape
  • Orange, red and yellow crepe paper
  • 1 bathroom paper roll
  • Aluminium foil
  • Light-colored ribbon or string

DIY Rocket Spaceship Family Halloween Costumes


Spaceship Body

  • Cut out the middle section of the cardboard box to fit child's torso size
  • Stick the flaps of the cardboard box together to form a pointy head for the spaceship
  • Paint entire cardboard box white (shortcut!) or tape white paper all over
  • Print the NASA logo (shortcut!) or draw your own on both sides of the spaceship
  • Wrap pointy head and wings of spaceship in aluminium foil
  • Stick black painter's tape around the edges for aesthetic reason

Spaceship Engine

  • Cut a bathroom paper roll into half, wrap in foil and stick on as tail for the spaceship
  • Place orange, red and yellow crepe paper into the foiled bathroom paper roll and secure

Making It Wearable

  • Use penknife to cut holes into cardboard
  • Loop ribbons through the holes and secure with tight knot

Tips: The parallel ribbons should not be placed too far apart so they sit nicely on toddler's small shoulders and don't slip off quickly. Also sit spaceship at child's hip waist to hip area to gauge lengths of ribbons required before securing them onto the cardboard.

Adult-sized Backpack Rockets

Materials you'll need:

Pretty much the same materials as the toddler's spaceship, except

  • the cardboard boxes for parents' rockets are smaller (ideally long length, shorter width and long height).
  • 4 empty plastic bottles needed to make twin engines (remove the caps)

DIY Rocket Spaceship Family Halloween Costumes


The steps for making the backpack rocket are similar to that of the toddler-sized spaceship, just that you need to wrap plastic bottles in foil and place them to the side of the backpack rocket with crepe paper secured in their bottle necks

You can hot glue the ribbon straps onto the backpack rocket.

Tips: Make the rocket sit tight and high on the back of the adults, so the NASA logos can be shown prominently at a right angle.

DIY Rocket Spaceship Family Halloween Costumes

I'm really excited to bring Gwen for her first trick or treat in our matching costumes! I hope you enjoyed this DIY rocket and spaceship family halloween costume tutorial.

Show me your Halloween costume creations on Instagram or Facebook. Have a blast (yay to space puns!)

DIY Rocket Spaceship Family Halloween Costumes

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