DIY Tambourine for Toddler Music Activity

Gwen’s a fan of the Sesame Street early learning board books. In the one about shapes, she can recognise a couple of objects, including a tambourine that Cookie Monster holds in the last page.

I struggle to describe a tambourine to her though. So I thought it’ll be nice to show her how a tambourine might look and sound like in real life. With a couple of simple art and craft materials, I fashioned an adorable...

DIY Tambourine for Toddler Music Activity!

Trying Out DIY Tambourine for Toddler Music Activity

How to Make a DIY Tambourine


  • 2 paper plates
  • Staple, hot glue gun or tape
  • A handful of dry grains or beans
  • Hole puncher
  • Metal loop rings
  • Decorative materials (foam stickers, pom pom balls, coloured markers etc)


  • I placed a handful of beans onto a paper plate and then placed another paper plate on top of it symmetrically
  • Taking care not to spill the beans (lol but not appropriate in this context), I stapled the paper plates together (you can also glue them with a hot glue gun, or stick using tape)
  • Use a hole puncher to punch holes around the perimeter of the paper plates with roughly the same distance from one another (number of holes should match the number of metal loop rings you have)
  • Put the metal loop rings into the holes
  • Decorate the paper plates however you want (and involve your kiddos if they’re at the right age) to instill a sense of ownership for this diy music maker and entice play — you might like to draw music symbols for lack of better ideas

Tambourine Play

Put a familiar song on play and tap or shake the DIY tambourine to its rhythm! Encourage your little one to do so. Older children might even find more play uses for it — like a frisbee.

Trying Out DIY Tambourine for Toddler Music Activity

Gwen (13 months) was content just shaking it and fiddling with the pom pom balls on top (for that touch of sensory play!) and pointing to it whenever she spots the tambourine in her Sesame Street Book.

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Trying Out DIY Tambourine for Toddler Music Activity

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