First Color Sorting Activity for Vehicle Obsessed Toddlers

Emergency vehicles - police cars, ambulances and fire engines - have their very distinct colors so that inspired me to come up with a color sorting vehicle activity!

It turned out to be a hit with Gwen (18 months), who absolutely loves creating imaginary routes for toy vehicles. It's hilarious because she derives them up the wall sometimes, in the literal sense!

First Color Sorting Activity for Vehicle Obsessed Toddlers

First Color Sorting Activity for Vehicle Loving Toddlers!

The Setup

These are the materials I used:

  • A big piece of cardboard
  • Markers
  • Bottle caps (2 black, 2 red and 2 white) saved from recycled milk cartons and drink bottles
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pom pom balls (2 black, 2 red and 2 white)
  • Container for the pom pom balls

First Color Sorting Activity for Vehicle Obsessed Toddlers


  • Glue the bottle caps onto the cardboard, spaced out like wheels
  • Use markers to draw emergency vehicles, with bottle caps being the wheels
  • Put pom pom balls into container and place by the side of the cardboard

First Color Sorting Activity for Vehicle Obsessed Toddlers

Gwen's Play Experience

A smile broke across Gwen's face when she first spied this activity laid out on her sensory table. She took a few seconds to register what was in front of her, looking from the pom pom balls in the container on the right to the vehicles with the caps on the left.

She touched the caps and tugged at them lightly. She seemed like she was putting two and two together, so I bit my tongue though I was bursting to give her instructions for the activity.

Amazingly, she picked up a black pom pom ball and placed it into the black cap (wheel of the police car). I was stunned! This was problem-solving and logical thinking at work. Somehow, my little one had figured out the activity on her own. This is definitely the benefit of free play, allowing the child to be in control and in charge, to make decisions, and to rationalise things on her own. I made a mental note to show more restraint when it comes to providing guidance for future activities.

When Gwen popped 3 more pom pom balls into their corresponding colored caps (wheels), she looked at me for affirmation and that was when I acknowledged her efforts, "You've placed the pom poms into the wheels of the right colors!" I wish I could immortalise that look of pride on her face.

We spent some time naming the emergency vehicles and having a conversation about their functions before she moved on to other play things that caught her interest. I placed the set up in her play area and she returned to it a few times in the day, sometimes completing the activity in entirety, sometimes only trying out for a short while.

First Color Sorting Activity for Vehicle Obsessed Toddlers

Benefits of this Activity

  • Enhance color/shape recognition and object recognition (cars and wheels)
  • Encourages one to one correspondence (An early learning math skill that involves counting each object in a set once with one touch per object)
  • Fine motor development
  • Hone hand/eye coordination
  • Opportunity for self-correcting and problem solving
  • Develop language skills

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First Color Sorting Activity for Vehicle Obsessed Toddlers

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