Flash Card Posting Box Activity for Toddlers

Posting (putting things into new areas and searching for them) is a developmental milestone for young toddlers and it can be quite addictive for some of them!

Inspired by Play At Home Mummy's pom pom posting cup activity, I made a toddler-friendly posting box for Gwen (14 months) to insert her flash cards into.

Flash Card Box Posting Activity for Toddlers

I designed the posting box such that she could see the flash cards drop into the box (to reinforce learning of cause and effect) and then retrieve the cards independently to redo the whole process again. Tailored to suit the growing independent streak of my opinionated young toddler!

Flash Card Box Posting Activity for Toddlers

How to Make A Toddler-friendly Posting Box


  • A shoebox with an openable lid (shoebox for kids’ shoes are the perfect size)
  • Clear contact paper or clear plastic (I trimmed my plastic out of a used but clean ziploc bag)
  • Tape
  • Penknife
  • Flash cards (poker cards also work!)


  • Use the penknife to cut a rectangular window out of the lid of the shoebox
  • Open the lid and use tape to stick on the clear plastic covering the window
  • Pick one side of the shoebox to cut out a long, slim rectangular hole for flash cards to fit through
  • Place shoebox and flash cards in a prominent area of the playroom in an open invitation to play style

Flash Card Box Posting Activity for Toddlers

Flash Card Box Posting Activity for Toddlers

How to Play

I let Gwen fiddle with the box before going over to demonstrate how it works. She already had the lid open (she loves prying things open) but hadn’t realized it was a posting box.

I pointed to the slot on the side of the box and dropped a flash card in, pointing to the window where she could see the flash card. Then I opened the lid to retrieve the card.

Immediately she imitated what I did. The challenge for Gwen was getting the flash card angled correctly to fit through the hole. It took many tries and much encouragement on my part for her to do it with repeated success. But when she tasted success, she couldn’t stop doing it 😂

Flash Card Box Posting Activity for Toddlers

Teachable Moments

This posting box is a great way to do interactive flash card teaching! Name a flash card for your child to pick up and post into the box.

For older children, you could extend this activity to teach colours, numbers and letters.

A fun level-up would be to promote imaginary play by decorating the box to resemble a mailbox and have your child pretend to be a postman delivering letters to mailboxes!


When the flash cards aren't in use, this posting box serves as great storage (yay!)

I also found that this activity makes pretty good car entertainment since a young toddler has the ability to repeat it on her own and it's a relatively safe yet engaging activity. Limit the number of flash cards you provide your child so it's easier to find and stow away the cards when you reach the destination!

I hope this is a fun learning activity for your little one! Share your experience with me at miraculove_sg (Instagram Direct Message) or join my exclusive Facebook group to exchange more play ideas!

Flash Card Box Posting Activity for Toddlers

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