Lego Brick Tunnel Drop for Babies and Toddlers

My husband loves to play badminton so we have shuttlecock tubes lying around the house. If you have these tubes at your disposal, here's what you can fashion them into:

A Lego Brick Tunnel Drop!

Lego Brick Tunnel Drop for Babies and Toddlers

Those long cylindrical tubes are the perfect shape, size and length to serve as "tunnels" that your baby/toddler could drop items into.

This activity might seem like a very simple and repetitive one, but it teaches focus and cause & effect, refines motor skills and makes for an afternoon of fun!

Lego Brick Tunnel Drop for Babies and Toddlers

How to Create This Activity

  • Remove the shuttlecocks from the tube
  • Remove the caps from both ends of the tube
  • Tape (optional; you can stick the tube to the wall or have your child hold it in her hands)
  • DUPLO lego bricks
  • Any other toys that are small enough to fit through the tube

Demonstrate to your child how a DUPLO lego brick can be dropped into the tube and where it slides out from. Repeat a few times and your child will catch on and imitate the dropping action.

Lego Brick Tunnel Drop for Babies and Toddlers

Gwen loved the clattering sound made by the lego bricks when they made contact with the floor and repeated the dropping action several times. She also tried to fit other toys into the tube (some too big) and in that teachable moment, I explained to her the concept of size.

She also tried to put the tube to her face, mouth and eye and even taste it. 😂

How to Level-up This Activity

  • Encourage your child to drop different toys into the tube and observe the difference in sounds made when they fall out
  • Place different materials under the tube to "catch" the dropped DUPLO lego brick - cloth (which softens the sound), metallic tray (that amplifies the sound) etc to teach simple material science
  • Encourage your child to "catch" the dropped item before it falls onto the floor - this is great practice for motor skills and hand/eye coordination
  • Place the tube to your child's ear and whisper into the tube to teach how sound behaves in an enclosed space

You can take this chance to introduce your child to science, explaining that gravity causes the items to slide out from the bottom end of the tube.

Lego Brick Tunnel Drop for Babies and Toddlers

Once your child is bored of all these, play pretend with the tube! Use it as a telescope, a loud-hailer... the list continues! Finding myriad uses for the same object builds creativity and imagination in young children.

Substitutes for a Shuttlecock Tube

If you don't own a shuttlecock tube, don't fret! Replace a shuttlecock tube and DUPLO lego bricks with a long kitchen paper towel roll and small cotton balls.

I hope this is a fun learning activity for your baby or toddler! Share your experience with me via Instagram Direct Chat at @miraculove_sg or Facebook Group.

Lego Brick Tunnel Drop for Babies and Toddlers

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