Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

Christmas is a time for snuggles and reading books together with little ones. Add a cup of hot cocoa and a warm fireplace and it's a perfect way to spend the evening.

This December, I have read so many Christmas classics to Miss 20 months! The one that Gwen particularly takes to is The Little Golden Book's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".

When we're out at shopping malls and she spots reindeer decorations, she points to her nose and says "red". That's just so cute!

I decided to feed her obsession with Rudolph and his red nose by creating a DIY Rudolph art and craft project for Gwen to be involved in. I'm in love with the co-created art work, it makes for a beautiful wall decor display for our home.

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler!

How to DIY Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Decor


  • Large cardboard pieces
  • Pencil
  • Penknife/scissors
  • Black and white permanent markers
  • Toddler's red washable marker/crayon
  • Masking tape
  • 3M wall mounting tape


  • Use a pencil to draw a reindeer head and neck outline on a large cardboard piece
  • Cut reindeer shape out with a penknife or pair of scissors
  • Create a duplicate with another cardboard piece
  • Join the two cardboard pieces together at the nose. Tape them securely at the back
  • Use remaining cardboard pieces to secure both cardboard pieces together at the back

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

  • Cut out and tape 2 long strips of cardboard and 6-8 shorter strips to form two antlers
  • Tape the antlers to the two reindeer heads (and optionally, color the tape white with white marker to improve aesthetics)

Finishing touches

  • Use a black marker to add eyes to Rudolph (and optionally, outline with white marker to improve aesthetics)
  • Invite toddler to color Rudolph's nose red! (Gwen added other colors like green haha, and her red marker eventually made it to Rudolph's cheek too, but I didn't correct her or restrict her too much because making art is all in the name of fun!)

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

Ways to Extend Interest & Play

  • Pair this activity with a Christmas classic book reading of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer before the activity to reinforce association
  • Play and sing along to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer song while making the craft
  • For older kids, take the opportunity to talk about feelings which help their emotional development - "How did Rudolph feel when he was the only reindeer with a red nose? How would you feel if you were Rudolph?"
  • For older kids, ideate more ways to create Rudolph crafts using accessible household items

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

Developmental Benefits of this Activity

  • Art and craft promotes creativity and self-expression
  • Coloring with art materials and helping to peel tape develop fine motor skills
  • Making an art piece for display at home inculcates a sense of ownership in young children who feel their work is being valued
  • Animal/character recognition (Reindeer/Rudolph)
  • Color recognition (Red)
  • Subliminal teaching of recycling and environmental conservation

Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

Other Rudolph Craft Projects for Toddlers

I love how Rudolph can be created with mere and ordinary household materials, especially upcycled ones like egg cartons and bathroom paper rolls! Here are my favourite Rudolph art and craft projects for toddlers on the net:

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Making Rudolph The Reindeer Wall Art with Toddler

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