Pom Pom Ball Sensory Activity for Toddlers

This is one of the low-effort, great-result stay-home activities that makes it to my top 10 favourite.

It took literally zero prep (apart from gathering all the play tools and plonking them into the sensory table!) which was perfect for sick days since Gwen clung to my legs (I'm not even exaggerating) most of her wake time rendering me immobile.

If you don't have a sensory table, it works to use 2-3 shallow pails or containers. I feel a sensory table helps to contain mess and enable Gwen to focus on the activity without distractions from other sources.

Pom Pom Ball Sensory Activity for Toddlers!

Pom Pom Ball Sensory Activity for Toddlers

How the Activity Went

Gwen enjoys squishing the pom pom balls with her pincer grip and rolling them around. It amuses me to see her scattering them about like she's ready for a snowball fight (maybe she is, I'll find out this winter.) She is learning about shapes and textures by using her sense of touch. I believe the colourful pom poms also engage her visual senses.

Pom Pom Ball Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Gwen enjoys doing object filling and transfer so I provided her plenty of tools to do that — coloured cups, clear beaker, ice cream scoop, ice cream cones and measuring cups.

Pom Pom Ball Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Of course, I included my trusty kitchen whisk referencing the play idea that originated from Hello Wonderful. Its a must for this activity because Gwen responded really positively to manipulating the kitchen whisk for play (as I reviewed previously. This time round she is even more adept at prying the whisk open to get to the items within! I love how this activity improves her motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Pom Pom Ball Sensory Activity for Toddlers

Optimising for Early Learning

  • Colour sorting! I tried to see if Gwen could colour sort red and blue pom poms into corresponding coloured cups but she didn't show the least bit of interest. She's 14.5 months now. I suppose I should give it a try a few months down the road.

  • Counting! I sang "one little two little three little pom poms" as we did this activity. For older children, challenge them to count by prompting, "How many balls do you think that beaker would fit?"

  • Imagination and Creative Expression! Gwen's too young for this now but I hope we can create lots of pretend food and items (like ice cream cone, jewellery) using these pom poms.

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Pom Pom Ball Sensory Activity for Toddlers

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