Ribbon Untying Rescue Mission Toddler Activity

At her 1 year mark, I bought a busy board for Gwen that allows her to learn to open up Velcro straps, zip and unzip, and untie shoelaces. Then she could only pull the Velcro straps apart so I kept the busy board to reintroduce to her when she’s older.

Recently at 15 months I got it out again and she’s now a pro zipper and trying to get the hang of untying shoelaces. Especially the shoelaces. She would say, “more” when she unties them to ask me to tie it back so she can try again.

That gave me the idea to take her interest in untying ribbons further. This is also proof that you could introduce developmental toys early, then stash them until the little one grows into them (much like clothes!)

Ribbon Untying Rescue Mission Toddler Activity!

I got out my stash of ribbons in every colour, texture and length possible to create this activity. I decided on tying the ribbons to the Pikler triangle as the rungs made the perfect backdrop for ribbons to be tied around and against.

If you don’t have a Pikler triangle, you can tie the ribbons on door handles, knobs, table legs and high chair legs! You can even make it a seek and untie challenge around the house.

Ribbon Untying Rescue Mission Toddler Activity

The Setup

  • Gather different textures/colours/lengths of ribbons
  • Gather a few small cuddly toys
  • Tie the ribbons onto stable furniture or fixtures around the house (see above for suggestions)
  • For young toddlers to untie the ribbons without frustration, it’s best to make it a single knot so one pull at the ribbon and it will unravel
  • You can tie up your little one’s favorite cuddly toys to make it a rescue mission

Ribbon Untying Rescue Mission Toddler Activity

How the Play Went

Gwen spotted the ribbons on the Pikler triangle and went straight to them.

The good thing about using the Pikler triangle for this ribbon activity is that Gwen could work at the ribbons from different angles. She even got under the Pikler triangle! I tied ribbons at varying heights, some above her head and some at her feet level, so she had to stretch and bend to get to them, making it a good gross motor skill workout.

Ribbon Untying Rescue Mission Toddler Activity

She enjoyed “saving” her cuddly toys so much that she said “more” when she retrieved them all and wanted me to put them up once again!

Other Benefits of Ribbon Rescue Mission

  • Improve fine motor skills due to the copious amounts of pulling and tugging involved
  • Sharpens critical thinking and problem solving skills by having little one figure out which string and which angle to pull
  • Bolster little one’s sense of accomplishment and self-confidence when the cuddly toys are all “rescued”

Ribbon Untying Rescue Mission Toddler Activity

I’ll love to know how your play experience with your little one went if you try this out! Also swap play ideas with me on Instagram or on my Facebook group for fellow parents!

Ribbon Untying Rescue Mission Toddler Activity

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