Spider Web Problem Solving Activity for Toddlers

As a parent, I'm constantly collecting ideas for quiet yet stimulating indoor activities to engage little Gwen. This one's a keeper, for sure. It fosters focus and concentration, builds dexterity and refines motor skills, and helps develop critical thinking skills.

Sold? Give this activity a try!

Spider Web Problem Solving Activity for Toddlers!

Setting Up the Spider Web Discovery Bin

  • Find an empty tub or laundry basket which comes with holes (I'm using a kitchen sieve!)
  • Procure some string or wool
  • Thread the holes of the tub or basket tightly in any criss-cross pattern
  • Ensure you tie the ends securely to prevent little ones from pulling out or loosening the thread too easily
  • Hide attractive or novel toys or items beyond the thread in the interior of the tub or basket
  • Place it in your little one's play area and she will naturally gravitate towards it with curiosity

Close parental supervision is required.

Gwen's Reaction to the Spider Web Discovery Bin

The first thing Gwen did was to turn the sieve over and try to make the items fall out. Some did, but thankfully most were hindered by the spider web. That both frustrated but motivated Gwen to find other ways to get the items out. In particular, she was drawn to the glitter bottles so she kept trying.

Within a few minutes, she got her prize and was very happy about it. She didn't take an interest in the other toys so I decided to change up the contents. Put Monopoly cards which Gwen loves to bend and fold, and that got her keen to give the spider web discovery bin a go again.

The Monopoly cards were pretty big in size so they didn't make it through the spider web easily. The new challenge took her a couple more minutes.

I think the activity went really well on the first try and I will make the spider web more complex the next time we try it.

Other Spider Web Sensory Ideas

  • Use a big laundry basket to hide bigger toys. Read more at The Train Driver's Wife
  • Make a miniature version that you can easily bring out to picnics and doctor's visits. Read more at Jolly B For Kids

I hope this is a fun, creative open-ended play session for your little one! Tell me your experience at miraculove_sg via Instagram Direct Message or Facebook Group.

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