Trying Out A Toddler Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity

After seeing Hello, Wonderful's post about using kitchen whisks for toddler fine motor activities, I was awestruck that kitchen whisks can do so much more than swirling cake mixture around (or lying in a forsaken corner of the kitchen drawer haha.)

I was excited to try this fine motor activity with Gwen! Since I didn't have pom pom balls on hand for the activity, I substituted with items I have in my crafts box and pantry, namely...


Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

I found that it ups the challenge when the ribbon is weaved round the whisk. It'll take effort and concentration for little ones to untangle them.

In the future when I repeat this activity for Gwen when she's older, I would be able to tailor the difficulty level of this activity to a higher problem-solving level by doing a more complicated weave.

Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

Right now at 14 months, Gwen's quite short on patience (a family trait, oops), so I simply balled up the ribbons and shoved them into the whisk for her to pull each ribbon out by herself. I repeated this until she got bored of the activity (5 mins).

I left the whisk and ribbons lying around in her play area and at a different time of the day, I spotted her examining the whisk and trying to pry it open to stuff the ribbons back!

Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

Pasta Transfer!

I'm big on sensory play with Gwen so I thought of using colourful pasta pieces which Gwen has tried in the cooked form, but hasn't touched in their uncooked state.

I placed the colourful pasta pieces into the whisk. Gwen tried to wave the whisk around so all the pasta would fall out (hah, she found a shortcut!) and then she started to pick out and place back the remaining pieces.

Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

Verdict for this Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity!

I think young toddlers are programmed to love putting items in and out of containers, so I'm glad this activity appealed to Gwen! I just wished she'll have a longer attention span for the activity the next time.

Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

Kitchen Whisk Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers


  • I kept a close eye on Gwen when doing the activity with ribbons and pasta because they're suffocation and choking hazards
  • I set up a small bowl at the side so Gwen would instinctively think of doing object transfer from whisk to bowl (which is recommended by Hello, Wonderful too!)
  • I used a child-friendly whisk i.e. the flexible silicon type so it could be pried open easily by little hands as opposed to the metallic ones

Another fine motor activity that's great is a DIY Tugging Box!

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