Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play

In this post, find out all about the sensory play benefits of lemon, water and ice and how you can replicate this lemonade making activity at home!

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Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play!

Anything involving water and ice is always a safe bet for toddler play. Inspired by @whatshallweplaytoday’s lemonade stand activity, I sliced up an organic lemon today to add to water for Gwen to have a novel lemony sensory experience!

Given we’re in summer, adding lemon was such a refreshing twist to her usual water play and engaged her sense of taste and smell more strongly given lemon’s strong citrusy scent. This activity also acquainted her with a fruit she’s only known in books before, so it was cool to reinforce her learning with a real life sensory experience.

Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play

The Setup for this Taste-safe Sensory Activity!

  • Sliced organic lemons (I chose organic ones since we’re soaking lemons with their skins in water and Gwen would be tasting it)

Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play

  • Lemon slices in ice cubes (I included these variants of regular ice cubes so Gwen could explore getting the lemon out of the ice cubes)

Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play

  • Regular ice cubes
  • Tools for object filling and transfer
  • Book that shows a lemon
  • Any other toys that relate to lemons to strengthen the association

Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play

Optional: A manual lemon juicer would be great to include so you can show little one how to get juice from pulp but I didn’t have one unfortunately.

How the Play Went

Ice first caught Gwen’s attention so she started transferring ice cubes in a beaker into the smaller cups. She played with ice for some time until she couldn’t bear the coldness.

Then she spotted the ice cubes with lemon slices and crushed them in her little hands to get to the lemon. Because I had only frozen these lemon ice cubes for a short time so only the exterior was hardened while it was still water within, she could easily break them to get the lemon. Haha a stroke of good luck and coincidence to learn a play hack.

Then she dipped her fingers into the water with floating lemon slices but didn’t touch them. Only after I fished the lemon slices out of water and licked them did she follow suit. I held lemon slices (and my hands) to her nose for her to smell the citrusy lemon scent and got her to taste the lemon while I described the sour, tangy taste to build her vocabulary.

Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play

She pointed at the lemon seeds floating about and I seized the teachable moment to explain what seeds are and how they grow into trees that bear fruits.

Then we spent time squeezing the lemon slices and fishing the slices out of the water (and plonking them in on repeat) before she called it a day.

I think she had fun! Mama here added the lemon slices to my cuppa of iced tea as I blogged about this sensory experience. #nowaste #thriftymum

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Trying Out Lemon Ice And Water Sensory Toddler Play

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