Trying Out Tape Pull Fine Motor Toddler Activity

Little Miss Gwen at 14 months has been working hard to perfect her pincer grip. It's especially evident at mealtimes when she gingerly picks up small morsels of food, or goes for the hard-to-grasp ones like slippery edamame.

It's fascinating to watch, but I could sense she's very frustrated by some attempts when her fingers don't work the way her mind wants them to.

So I pinterested (as usual) for easy fine motor activities for young toddlers and found a Tape Pull Fine Motor Activity by Mama Papa Bubba.

What attracted me was its simplicity to set up and the fact that it's tailored for young toddlers who yearn to do something challenging with their bodies but can't quite because they still have to work on hand-eye coordination and body control.


I made a few modifications to the activity based on my available resources and my experience of how Gwen reacts to never tried before activities.

First, I used washi masking tape which is fanciful to appeal to young children yet doesn't leave any adhesive residue. Mine are from Daiso, and they're superb because they're not too sticky but adheres well enough.

Trying Out Tape Pull Fine Motor Toddler Activity

Second, I chose the activity to be set up on the window near Gwen's play area so it doesn't take up space and Gwen can return to the activity any time of the day at her will.

Trying Out Tape Pull Fine Motor Toddler Activity

Third, I placed an empty container beneath the set up so Gwen could think of doing object transfer and put the pom pom balls and masking tape there.

Trying Out Tape Pull Fine Motor Toddler Activity

Lastly, I stuck colourful pom pom balls up using the tape because Gwen likes touching them.

Trying Out Tape Pull Fine Motor Toddler Activity


Gwen headed straight to the activity when she awoke from her nap. Looks like the invitation to play was very well-received! It definitely started on a good note. I can remember there are activities I've tried in the past when Gwen just refused to go near or wasn't interested in.

True enough, she took off all the pom pom balls and left the tape strips without pom pom balls alone. I noticed that she used both her left and right

Funnily she also tried using her foot for the activity as though she wanted her toes to master the pincer grip too!

For such a quick and easy activity, I was delighted with the results. Busy parents of young toddlers, I recommend that you try this activity by Mama Papa Bubba because of its high ROI!

To follow Gwen's play adventures, check out @miraculove_sg (Instagram) or A Toddler Activity A Day Facebook Group.

Trying Out Tape Pull Fine Motor Toddler Activity

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