Turn Wet Wipe Containers into the Best Baby Toy Ever

Have you ever gotten your baby the latest and most stimulating toy in the store only to see that it lost out to an ordinary and unremarkable box of wet wipes?

Baby Gwen loves pulling wet wipes out of the container. I can't count the number of times my baby's play area looked like it's been visited by a hurricane, wet wipes strewn all over despite my best efforts at hiding the box.

It hurts my mind to think about all that wastage. My solution?

Transform that precious wipe container into a toy that provides never-ending fun.

A DIY Fill & Pull Box!

Best Baby Toy: A DIY Fill and Pull Box

Best Baby Toy: A DIY Fill and Pull Box

At this age, babies and toddlers are expert experimenters. It's their natural instinct to pull at objects to see what happens. It's cause-and-effect learning as they test theories and see how the outcomes might differ.

A box with items that makes for never-ending filling and pulling is perfect for them to learn through play.

You can even hide the boxes around the house to add an element of surprise for your little one or bring it along during long car rides.

Best Baby Toy: A DIY Fill and Pull Box

How to make the DIY Fill & Pull Box

  • Save one of your wet wipe containers and air the interior of the box so that it's dry.

  • Gather small to medium-sized pieces of fabric around the house -- socks, burp cloths, bibs, kitchen rugs.

(Try to use fabrics of different sizes, colours and textures for a more varied sensorial experience.)

  • Switch up the fabrics in the container often to keep the toy interesting and fresh.

If you're thinking with an inner groan... now I have to pick pieces of fabric off the floor over and over again.

Well unfortunately until your child reaches the age when she's more interested to put things together than tear things apart, clearing the mess is a necessary evil.

Be heartened it's reusable fabric instead of costly wet wipes!

Best Baby Toy: A DIY Fill and Pull Box

There's so much about this simple DIY toy that I appreciate! It doesn't cost a dime, is quiet and safe yet stimulating and environment-friendly. Another great example of heuristic play by repurposing everyday items.

Recap of what DIY Fill and Pull Box does

  • Refine motor skills
  • Stimulate curiosity and open-ended discovery
  • Promote independent play

Are you excited to make your baby or toddler a DIY Fill and Pull box? Tell us how your little one found the experience on our instagram at miraculove_sg via Instagram Direct Message or Facebook Group.

Best Baby Toy: A DIY Fill and Pull Box

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