10+ Positive Affirmation Books to Empower Montessori Toddlers

As my toddler's appetite for reading and her understanding of language grows, I have become more selective about the books I read to my toddler. I curate the books in our homeschool library carefully, ensuring that the messages align to my beliefs and values.

This is because messages in books may become our children's inner voices.

Why Positive Affirmation Books Are Important

When we read positive and uplifting books to our children, their sense of identity and self-worth increases.

Books that talk about values help to shape and guide our children's moral compass.

Books that touch on failure and not giving up teach our children to focus on the process and develop a strong will to overcome obstacles.

Books that describe feelings teach our children to process their emotions and help them understand that all feelings are normal and accepted.

10+ Positive Affirmation Books to Empower Montessori Toddlers

These are the 10+ wonderful, empowering and nurturing books that have permanent pride of place on my toddler's book shelf.

I hope your little one enjoys them too.

10+ Positive Affirmation Books to Empower Montessori Toddlers

10+ Positive Affirmation Books to Empower Montessori Toddlers

1. "The Wonderful Things You Will Be" by Emily Winfield Martin

I love how this book focuses on the unique qualities and strengths children will develop as they grow up, instead of occupations they might work in (common theme in books about growing up).

Just a few times of reading this book and the choiceful, poetic and rhyming text stayed with me! illustrations are gentle and beautiful, a delight to look at.

Can't tire of reading this book!

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2. "The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be" by Joanna Gaines

This book has gorgeously illustrated visuals of children working together or individually to create their very own hot air balloons.

The children look and behave differently, and their differences are acknowledged and celebrated.

The metaphor of filling up the same skies with everyone's diverse, myriad art expressions is beautiful. The message that there's no one right way to do things is strong and clear.

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3. "You're Here for a Reason" by Nancy Tillman

One of my favourites from the Nancy Tillman book collection.

Apart from the delightful choice of rhyming words, this book has visuals that focus on little details and follow a unified theme throughout the pages.

The imagery of each child being a unique puzzle piece and the globe constructed of all these various puzzle pieces is a powerful one.

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4. "I Am Enough" by Grace Byers

A power bank of self-affirmative words that remind children to believe in themselves and their own choices.

It depicts many scenarios whereby children could be pressured by peers to deviate from their original thinking and decisions, and gently empowers them to follow their gut and stand their ground.

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5. "I Promise" by LeBron James

This is a book that focuses on values we wish our children to grow up with - working hard to achieve their goals, never stop learning etc.

"I promise" is repeated throughout, teaching children the meaning of this phrase and the value of self-conviction.

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6. "The Dot" by Peter H Reynolds

Inspired by a true story, this book is a heartwarming tale of how an uninspired little girl with a blank, untouched canvas at the end of an art class was empowered to become an artist in her own right. And how she pays it forward.

A beautiful message about how art begins with making one's first mark (no matter how small or insignificant), taking ownership in that, and how we all have creativity within us that's begging to be unleashed and seen.

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10+ Positive Affirmation Books to Empower Montessori Toddlers

7. "Remarkably You" by Pat Zietlow Miller

Another solid read to celebrate every child's uniqueness (e.g. the book shows that it's okay to enjoy crowds and leading the parade and likewise, it's okay to stand on the sidelines and be an observer).

It also touches on how everyone's unique inclination, personality, strength and talent is important to contribute to a world that's sustainable, cohesive and harmonious, with actionable examples showing children picking litter, volunteering at pet shelters, performing for the elderly, gardening etc.

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8. "Eyes That Kiss in the Corners" by Joanna Ho

There aren't many books for children about embracing our Asian heritage and culture, and appreciating how we look because of our ethnicity.

This book is a winner; it is brilliant at reframing racial stereotypes with powerful words and imagery and the choiceful words make beautiful references to our Asian roots. Here's a great book review by Chalk Academy.

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9. "You Matter" by Christian Robinson

I read some reviews that the concepts can be abstract for children to understand and I can relate - its examples span bigness (the universe) to smallness (can't be seen with the naked eye). But I think the message can get across with additional explanations by the carer to the child, referencing the illustrations.

Personally I love the message in this book - that everyone has varying perspectives, that everything in the world is interconnected in one way or another (the big picture), and everyone matters.

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10. "Maybe: A Story About the Endless Potential in All of Us" by Kobi Yamada

Like the other Kobi Yamada books, this is a gem. Maybe, it is the best of them :)

The gorgeous, whimsical illustrations take readers into a different dimension, where dreams can be created if you can't find it. The messages are uplifting and positive, emphasising that everyone has endless potential, to believe in oneself, and not only that - to champion and shine a light for others still in the dark.

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11. "Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters" by Barack Obama

By one of the most famous and respected leaders in the world, I had high expectations for the content of this book. The book didn't disappoint.

It delves into American history, sharing the traits of groundbreaking Americans whose ideals shaped the nation, and how Obama saw those traits in his daughters, and hopes to see in all of America's children.

A great history lesson for me too!

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12. "Dear Girl: A Celebration of Wonderful Smart Beautiful You!" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This book cuts through gender stereotypes and emphasizes that girls are free to follow their interest even if it's not the social/gender norm (e.g. football, puddle jumping).

It encourages girls to like who they see in the mirror; that every facial feature (even freckles) makes you uniquely you, and therefore shouldn't be regarded as an imperfection. An important message for girls in a world that makes them self-conscious of how they look, and paints them limited visuals of beauty.

It's written in the form of a "love letter" to your daughter, telling them that you will always love them for who they are, they can always turn to you, and they will be supported by your love no matter how grown they have become.

A "Dear Boy" version is also available for little boys!

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I hope you find keepsakes from the list above that you'll love reading and re-reading to your little ones!

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