15 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The fate of a traditional guest book typically goes like this:

It gets signed at the reception by guests struggling to fill its empty pages. The wedding couple skims through the guest book after the wedding ceremony. It is carelessly tucked away in a drawer. In the godforsaken drawer it stays, collecting dust for a long, long time :(

Why must a guest book be a book? Shake things up with a creative, unconventional and totally cool guest "book" that'll have practical uses long past the wedding day!

Here are 15 amazing alternatives to the traditional guest book:

Jenga Guest "Book"

Credits: A Coastal Bride

Reminisce wedding day moments with a game of Jenga over coffee, or on outings with family and friends.

Clear Acrylic Guest "Book"

Source: Etsy

This work of art totally deserves a pretty spot in your forever home. It makes such a beautiful piece of home decor!

Calendar Guest "Book"

Source: Oh Amanda

Another insta-worthy display item for your love nest! It makes a great conversation starter when you're hosting new friends.

Date Idea Guest "Book"

Credits: Brides of Adelaide

When married life becomes a bit of a routine and you run out of ideas for a romantic date, this might give you the answer you need!

Globe Guest "Book"

Every study room needs a globe. Period.

Wine Cork Guest "Book"

Source: 7x7

Perfect for wine lovers to decorate their favourite spot of the house with.

Pebble Guest "Book"

Source: Pinterest

Line the pebbles prettily in your home gardens for a touch of whimsy!

Postcard Guest "Book"

Source: The Knot

Frame the postcards up for special corners of your home!

Letter Standee Decor Guest "Book"

Source: Weddings Online

These letter standees double as personalised decor for your home entrance after the wedding day.

Message in a Bottle Guest "Book"

Source: Wilkie Blog

If you're a vintage collector, this bottle would be deserving of a spot beside all the other memorabilia!

Wedding Quilt Guest "Book"

Source: The Knot

Best for snuggly nights! Keep yourselves warm and toasty with the wedding quilt.

Polaroid Guest "Book"

Source: My Wedding

If you've a photo feature wall in your home, these polaroids would fit right in!

Christmas Bauble Guest "Book"

Source: My Wedding

Terrific for dressing up your Christmas trees, year after year!


Dictionary Guest "Book"

Source: Pinterest

Though there's Google for everything... it's always handy to keep a dictionary at home to dissolve Scrabble squabbles.

Music Score Guest "Book"

Source: Pinterest

Play your wedding music on the piano every now and then to reminisce the good times!

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