5 DIY Ideas for Wedding Place Card Holders

As your wedding guests look for their seats, surprise them with thoughtfully designed, uniquely decorated place cards bearing their names. Your guests will love that personal touch, for sure.

Miracle workers from Miraculove have put together 5 favourite ideas to craft unique place card holders, along with tips on where to get inexpensive art materials. Time to get your groomsmen and bridesmaids together for a fun-filled, hands-on activity to craft these holders!

1. Wine Cork Place Card Holders - For Elegant Weddings

Wine cork place card holders
Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Perfect for a little countryside touch. Start saving your wine corks, or enlist the help of family and friends who are wine drinkers. Your favourite restaurants and pubs would be happy to save you some wine corks for your project too. Otherwise, Carousell is a good place to source inexpensive wine corks.

For a step by step tutorial on transforming wine corks into place holder cards, check out SheKnows.

2. Origami Place Card Holders - For Crafty Weddings

Origami place card holders
Source: Miraculove

Strong and graceful, the crane is a traditional symbol of love. Hop to Instructables to learn the art of folding beautiful paper cranes. Your wedding guests would be impressed by your labour of love.

Paper with beautiful designs and prints from Paper Market are ideal for origami.

3. Pine Cone Place Card Holders - For Rustic Weddings

Pine cone place card holders
Source: Camille Styles

Bring the touch of the outdoors indoor with rustic pine cones. You can even dip pine cones in glitter or coloured paint to match your wedding colour palette, here's a tutorial to guide you through. Pine cones can be sourced from Cat Socrates.

4. Mini Masterpiece Place Card Holders - For Artsy Weddings

Mini Canvas Place Card Holders
Source: Project Weddings

There's no better way to show that your guest place cards are works of art. Aren't these mini easels the cutest? You can get them to hold up your guest place cards from the many outlets of Art Friend.

5. Herb Sprig Place Card Decor - For Botanical Weddings

Herb Sprig Place Card Decor
Source: The Knot

Herbs add a natural touch and lovely scent to your wedding. Rosemary makes the perfect herb sprig decor for place cards. In Singapore, these herbs are available at nurseries like Spa Flora along Thomson Road and selected supermarkets.

What do you think of our list of 5 DIY Ideas for Wedding Place Card Holders in Singapore? We hope you find our recommendations useful.

Have any other creative place card ideas to share? Or wedding-related questions for us? Let us know by emailing us at hello@miraculove.com.

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