5 Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you are the kind of gift-giver who puts an extraordinary amount of thought into gifting presents handmade with love for your other half, this would give you brilliant ideas to gift wrap the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

1. Shirt & Tie Gift Wrap

shirt tie gift wrap miraculove blog _
Source: Tamara Jewelry Wordpress_

Reuse old shirts and fashion them into a suit and tie gift wrap.

Ideal for wine bottles and other shapeless gift items.

2. Heart Cut-out gift wrap

heart cut out gift wrapper miraculove blog _
Source: The House That Lars Built_

Assemble simple craft materials - just a penknife, a pair of scissors, kraft paper and secondary colour paper!

Follow the simple 7-step guide here!

3. Adorable toppers

fun toppers gift wrap miraculove blog _
Source: Babble_

Accessorise your plain boxes with some fun toppers lying around the house, like an un-inflated balloon, buttons and muffin liners!

It’s like topping a gift with a gift. Sweet!

4. Furoshiki gift wrap

furoshiki gift wrap miraculove blog _
Source: Evermine_

Some solid coloured fabric like an old shirt would work. Attach your card to the rabbit ears for a pretty final touch.

The outcome would be totally Pinterest worthy!

5. Crossword Puzzle gift wrap

crossword puzzle gift wrap miraculove blog _
Source: Wordless Design_

Create your own crossword puzzle with a home or office printer!

Insert meaningful words into the crossword puzzle and mark them out with a red marker.

Alternatively, get the recipient to spot the words.

Combining a game and gift is just so fun!

What do you think of our list of 5 Gorgeous Valentine Gift Wrapping Ideas? We hope you find our recommendations useful!

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