5 Incredible Singapore Gatecrash Outfits

The incredible lengths grooms and groomsmen go to ask for the lady's hand. #GatecrashGoals.

5 of the most amazing wedding gatecrashes in Singapore:

1. Fast food

_Credits: Goodyfeed | Videography: Unique Colours_

The bridesmaids must have been in for a treat!

I guess we shouldn't be surprised to know that Ang Baos were delivered via McDelivery.

Couple credits: Guan You & Joanna

2. Sparta

Credits: Her World Plus

"This is Sparta!"

That's a serious war cry. Nine topless warriors showing off six-pack abs, in muscle-restraining gladiator sandals.

Testosterone levels must have gone through the roof of every house in this district.

Couple credits: Zachary Lee & Elsa Kwok

3. PAP

_Credits: Her World Plus | Photo: Cejay IronHappy Ng | Reposted from: SGAG_

Looks like a campaign bid got the men efficiently through the bridesmaids to the waiting bride!

We wonder if the Ang Baos were in the form of GST vouchers!

Couple credits: Jeremy & Rachel

4. T-Rex Riders

Credits: The Wedding Scoop_

A gatecrash party riding inflatable T-Rexs?

Entertainment value must have been top-notch.

The ladies?

Credits: The Wedding Scoop_

Dressed up to the challenge and looking every part of a sassy, stylish and sporty entourage.

Couple credits: Jason & Chelsea

5. Star Wars

Source: Her World Plus | Photography: Noel Yeo, Nudge Photography_

The Force was strong with this idea.

Enough said.

Couple credits: Glenn Koh & Shermaine Wong

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We hope 5 Incredible Gatecrash Outfits That Became The Talk of Singapore has blown your mind!

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