5 Quirkiest Engagement Photo Shoots

Because romantic is too passé. Show off your quirky side and have your unconventional engagement shots remembered by guests for years to come!

1. Pet photobomb

_Source: A Practical Wedding_

_Source: Finnegan Photos_

2. Literally... Save the date (no pun intended)

_Source: My Wedding Reception Ideas_

3. Keeping Things Real

_Credits: Courte Thompson_

4. When the best friend doesn't want to be sidelined

_<a href=https://www.pinterest.com/9funz/" target="blank">Source: 9funz

5. Setting his priorities right

_Source: Fujifilm_

What do you think of our list of 5 Quirkiest Engagement Shots that'll Have Your Guests in Stitches? We hope you had a good laugh!

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