Choosing a Pikler Triangle - Interview with Schoene and Son Toys

I wrote a piece on 6 ways to encourage Pikler safety and it seemed that there're many caregivers out there interested in this topic!

I'm pleased to share Schoene and Son Toys' insights regarding how to choose a Pikler Triangle, and additional safety tips. They are a mama-owned brand that makes Montessori- and Waldorf-friendly active play wood toys in Yorkville, IL, USA, and previously featured my non-climbing open-ended Pikler play ideas.

Here's what the experienced active wood toy maker has to share regarding how to choose a Pikler Triangle and additional safety tips.

What are Things Caregivers Should Look Out for When Choosing a Pikler?

  • Material

"Look for quality hardwoods. Softwoods like pine are less expensive, but they are also more likely to break, and if they do, the splinters are dangerous."

  • Weight Limit

"Look for pieces your child can grow into. Piklers should have weight limits of 75-100 pounds."

  • Reviews

"Piklers are an investment and you usually get what you pay for, so make sure to research a company's reviews."

  • Post-purchase support

"Ask questions. This tells you how the responsive the company is in case you need anything after purchase."

How Can We Ensure Pikler Safety for Our Children?

  • Supervision

"Climbing toys require constant adult supervision. Do not leave children alone to climb."

  • Rationality

"Use common sense. Do not use Pikler in a way that it was not intended."

  • Follow the Guidance

"Follow all instructions for assembly/use. Don't exceed recommended weight limits."

I hope you find a suitable Pikler Triangle that meets your needs and expectations, and I wish your children a safe and enjoyable time on it!

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Schoene and Son Toys
(Cover pictures for this blog post are from Schoene and Son Toys)

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Disclaimer: My own Pikler Triangle was bought a long time back before I knew Schoene and Son Toys and it was from the brand Smart Kids Little Climbers which is not retailed any longer.

Although I have not personally purchased from Schoene and Son Toys, I have amiable interactions with the owner who is responsive and friendly. I've seen many positive customer reviews on her website and instagram account.

As with all parenting decisions, I encourage you to do your research and always use your own judgement in selecting suitable toys for your children.

Choosing a Pikler Triangle - Interview with Schoene and Son Toys
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