Dear Gwen: Happy 100th Day

Dear Gwen,

Happy 100th day, my baby girl.

It has been the most precious 100 days of you being mine.

2,398 hours of being by your side; save for 2 hours when Mummy could no longer postpone getting long overdue dental fillings (for the record, those 2 hours felt like 2 years).

1,598 nursing sessions; Mummy couldn't have felt any closer to you than those intimate, bonding moments. It is the most humbling feeling to know that I was, and will continue to be, your source of sustenance and comfort.

600 diaper changes; probably the only chore on earth that brings me joy. The changing table has seen you morph from a screaming newborn who protested at diaper changes to a calm infant who keenly observes how the deed is done.

Baby you have truly grown. So much. And so fast.

A few weeks back, Daddy placed you on your tummy. In one smooth fluid action, you lifted your head high. Mummy hadn't expected that at all given your reluctance in past sessions. When you chuckled, obviously thrilled about your new skill, Mummy's heart gave a lurch. It was a swell of pride.

Just a few days back, you performed your first roll over. You had leaned too much onto your left side and your heavy head swung you over. Mummy shrieked instinctively thinking you must have hit your head. But you squealed in delight and tried to repeat the move. Mummy's heart felt the same lurch again.

Oh, my heart!

It will never ever be still again. Or empty, for that matter.

And Mummy wouldn't have it any other way.

Here's to countless more happy 100 days, my baby girl.

Lovingly yours,

Dear Gwen: Happy 100th Day

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