Drawing on Rocks Art Activity with Toddlers

This is an activity that combines nature with art. It's especially great for little avid rock and stick collectors. These items can be the perfect canvas to create art!

So here's Gwen and me dabbling in

Rock drawing!

Drawing on Rocks Art Activity with Toddlers

I like that it's a continuation of the rock collection we did outdoors. Rock drawing is a great way to spend time with little children who're learning to express themselves creatively.

Drawing on Rocks Art Activity with Toddlers

How to Carry Out this Activity

Simple! Go outside with your child to collect rocks (parks or beaches are great places.) Find rocks that have smooth flat surfaces for easier drawing. Also use your imagination! If there are rocks of interesting shapes that resemble a certain something, bring them home and turn them into that something.

Clean the surface of or wash the rocks of sand and dirt. Leave them to dry.

Drawing on Rocks Art Activity with Toddlers

Use a permanent marker to give the rocks your artistic touch. I drew a pig and bee because those are recognisable to my young toddler. I also used a drawing guide book because that's a familiar book to my little one but you are free to draw whatever comes to mind and however!

Drawing on Rocks Art Activity with Toddlers

How to Level-up This Activity

  • Use the completed rocks to decorate the house (your child may feel proud that her artwork is now a masterpiece at home)
  • Play stack-the-rocks with the pile of rocks you have amassed
  • Return the rocks to beaches or parks and let other people find them. Finding a special rock can bring so much joy to little treasure seekers! (Be mindful of the local culture of the place you live in. If your community frowns on this practice believing that nature should remain undisturbed, exercise moderation in leaving out decorated rocks)

Great Rock Art Ideas for Kids

I hope this is a fun activity for your little one! Share your experience with me via Instagram Direct Chat at @miraculove_sg or Facebook Group.

Drawing on Rocks Art Activity with Toddlers

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