Grooming & Dressing Soft Toy Activity for Toddlers

For toddlers who're venturing into more complex play, here's an easy activity you can create within minutes with existing toys and items you have at home.

Grooming & Dressing Soft Toys!

Grooming & Dress Up Dolls for Toddlers

It's not just fun but teaches many problem-solving and real-life skills. By grooming and dressing soft toys, toddlers learn about self-care and caring for others.

Grooming & Dress Up Dolls for Toddlers

I personally believe both boys and girls should have access to dolls and soft toys in their play. Little boys can learn to care and nurture too, which'll set a foundation for being helpful big brothers, and eventually in life hands-on and involved fathers.

How to Set Up This Activity

  • Choose a soft toy that your child is more attached to, preferably one that's roughly the size of a newborn baby
  • For pretend "bath", gather a small pail to serve as a bathtub, newborn outfits that can be put on the soft toy, a swaddle blanket for a towel, a smaller sized diaper
  • For pretend "grooming", put together spare grooming items like a bulb syringe, hair brush and comb
  • For pretend "feeding", gather utensils like unbreakable plates, spoons and an old milk bottle

Grooming & Dress Up Dolls for Toddlers

Gwen's Experience With This Activity

Currently I place the chosen soft toy, Gwen's favourite stuffed dog named Rolly, with a tub of play accessories in a corner of her play area.

Gwen gravitates towards it everyday and does different activities with Rolly the way I've shown her - dressing, undressing and feeding, often on her own initiative. I can't be prouder when I see her play the role of a caregiver!

Grooming & Dress Up Dolls for Toddlers

Through this activity, Gwen has learnt to undo diapers (her own too!), unzip a cardigan, use a hair brush and bring food to Rolly's mouth. She is also more affectionate, patting, hugging and kissing Rolly instead of throwing him all around like she used to.

I hope this is a fun yet enriching activity for your little one. Tell me your experience at miraculove_sg via Instagram Direct Message or Facebook Group.

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