IKEA Montessori Top Picks for a Practical & Child-friendly Home

Living overseas for the short term, our rented house is very basic in furnishing. Because we don't own it, we can't remodel the house to install cabinetry for storage/organisation that is customised to our needs.

IKEA's extensive range of affordable and functional furniture and household items help to fill this gap, allowing me to set up a well-organised, clutter-free and inviting Montessori-inspired homeschool.

I love that in recent years, IKEA is gravitating towards a sustainable approach in its manufacture of products. More products are using environmentally friendly, natural materials like solid wood or bamboo, which is Montessori-aligned.

My IKEA Montessori Top Picks for a Child-friendly Home

These are my top IKEA picks for a Montessori home, keeping in line with the Montessori ideal of an inviting 'yes' space for children, while providing practical, affordable and lasting value at friendly prices.

Homeschooling area

Doorway/Grooming area




Art & Craft Supplies


  • Live green plants aren't available for sale online, but are available in IKEA physical stores. Be mindful of COVID safety rules before visiting. Taking care of plants is a great practical life activity for children.

  • There is demand and supply for secondhand, good-condition IKEA products on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

This means that if you're running on a tight budget, you have an alternative of easily sourcing IKEA items from secondhand markets. Also when your IKEA items are outgrown, you could resell them without difficulty.

  • IKEA has different inventories for different parts of the world. The recommendations I shared above are available on IKEA US, but might not be available in other parts of the world. You might like to look for IKEA Montessori recommendations from your local blogger.

Other Montessorians' IKEA Recommendations

These are really helpful. I like that some blogs are consistently updated including seasonal items.

Wishing you joy and luck as you do up your Montessori home!

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IKEA Montessori Top Picks for a Practical & Child-friendly Home

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